CocaCola with Coffee Dark Blend

CocaCola with Coffee Dark Blend

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coffee and coke? YES! This is a great drink for on the go mornings. I was not sure how it would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised! it's a perfect combination.

not good It tastes like old coffee (sour) and coca cola. It's slightly bitter, probably because of the sugar substitute they use & it's way too sweet because they use 3 sweeteners.

Excellent cola product! I loved this product, the extra coffee gives it extra flavor .

Put it in your Bulldog drink! Okay I love coke and coffee so I had to try this. I couldn't drink it alone but you know what it tasted great in? A bulldog drink! So good. Highly recommend trying it.

I tried to like it... I wanted to like this SO BADLY... I mean, it's two of my favorite drinks combined. Made sense I'd like it, right?! NOPE. It was the kind of situation where I couldn't even force myself to choke down a full can. It was the most strange flavor combination I've ever had. Like someone scooped up coffee grinds and blended them with my coke, then let it sit in the sun getting flat before canning. I'm not the kinda person to give rude reviews, but I swear I just have to be honest with this one because I was SO EXCITED. It's a major nope.

Interesting Flavor The first taste was definitely that of traditional Coca-Cola. It was very sweet and you could taste the soda syrup. In fact, I don't feel like I could really taste the coffee at all until after I swallowed. The coffee ended up being more of an after taste than mixed evenly with the Coke. Surprisingly, the flavor combination does seem to work. I think a Dark Blend is almost needed for the coffee flavor to appear at all, as the cola flavor is very overpowering. While this wasn't a new favorite drink of mine, it definitely wasn't unpleasant. I would consider drinking again. The pitfalls for me were the price point ($1.88 for 12oz) and I think I'd actually rather drink my soda and coffee separately to more fully enjoy the experience. This would be a great drink for on the go, or traveling, or possibly for those that aren't huge fans of coffee - but then I'd say maybe just stick to pop. Given how inexpensive coffee and coke are generally, this seemed like a very expensive alternative which would limit how often I would be willing to purchase. However, if you regularly purchase energy drinks, this is probably a good deal to trade into.