Coca Cola Diet Coke

Coca Cola Diet Coke

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Always a favorite! Diet Coke is always a favorite of mine. The taste never changes. It's always refreshing and tasty! Although I prefer Diet Pepsi.

Still the best. For diet cola's, this one is still classically the best. Though Diet Pepsi is a worthy rival, there is a distinct difference in taste between one from the other.

Njoy Would but again njoy very good. Sweet taste. Always prefer to coke. Diet sweeter taste.

Favorite Soda My favorite soda is Diet Coke Caffeine Free. I prefer a diet soda, and this one liked the best. I cannot use caffeine as it makes me jumpy.

Diet coke is good I am one of those strange people that cannot tell diet coke from regular coke. when out with family/friends I always let them taste first in case they are mixed up. I like diet coke to me there is no after taste

I'm not human without my Diet Coke. Honestly, I don't even think I'm a fully functioning adult without my Diet Coke. I don't drink it because it's no calories (I don't count calories), though I would have to address the D.Coke habit if it was full sugar for sure... I just think it's so darn refreshing. Something about the cold carbonation and the slightly sweet flavor is just what I need to perk me up mid workday! Or anytime if we're being honest. The BEST by itself, as a mixer, from the fountain, from a can, bottle, whatever! Need my diet coke!

My personal top Diet Cola Been drinking this for years now, since my teens and I am in my mid fifties if that tells you anything lol. I alternate this between regular Coke and Diet depending on my mood, my weight, and what I happen to be eating at the moment.

No thank you I no longer purchase this Diet Coke. The after taste is bothersome.

Diet Coke is Number One Diet Coke as and will be my number one drink of all time i have need this drink right after i have my coffee in the morning it is refreshing and to me i guess doesn't taste like diet to me maybe it as to do with i have been drinking this for 30 plus years. I have to have it if i go out to eat and if they don't have coke products i get really upset then i will just order a water or go somewhere else or a adult beverage depending on how far we drove to go out to eat. Diet Coke is where is at..

Reliable and refreshing! Diet Coke is my go-to diet soda. The taste is smooth, and I could drink it every day. I am not concerned about artificial sweeteners; I believe negative publicity about them is overblown.

Favorite bubbles! I have been drinking Diet Coke for decades. It is reliably fizzy and refreshing, with a cola taste that others try to copy but never quite master.

Diet Coke is not better than a regular Coke Diet Coke is just not for me. The aftertaste left by the sweeteners they are using to make it diet is unappealing and sometimes gives me a little bit of a headache. If I do have a soda, I would just have regular coke which tastes refreshing. However, I do try to limit my general soda intake because I don't think it's particularly healthy for our bodies long term.

Splenda sweetener a personal problem with Coke I have enjoyed Diet Coke in the past until my daughter became a Registered Dietician, who then explained the chemical composition of the Splenda Sweetener. I would be more interested if there were Coke products sweetened with Stevia. It is a nice occasional beverage, but choose others more often.

Sorry Coke lovers, but I prefer Pepsi. Coke has too strong a taste for my liking

Refreshing I love Diet coke it has a crisp refreshing flavor and don't taste an aftertaste.