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  • DsOpinion By  DsOpinion    

    Convenient, small package, works well, smells GREAT!

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  • AZPeaches By  AZPeaches    

    A household staple that gets the job done. Clorox is my favorite brand for wipes.

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  • rblack09 By  rblack09    

    Clorex does it all

    Best thing around. I use them all over the house. Makes cleaning easy.

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  • LisaMarie1 By  LisaMarie1    

    Clean and fresh

    Smell clean and fresh! I am able to wipe down desk, laptop, and copier to rid of germs and viruses.

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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    Great for your whole house

    We are using these daily right now to clean the whole house and I'm comfortable knowing that the house is able to be disinfected. They are affordable and super easy to use.

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  • lovenlife By  lovenlife    

    What a Super Star Product Esp. During The PANDEMIC

    This product is a best friend, it is portable and dependable. I used this from everything from doorknobs to toilet seats in my home. You could not go wrong with Clorex that kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. A best friend to all!

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  • darkgoddess718 By  darkgoddess718    

    Clorox is great

    This is an easy review because Clorox wipes are fantastic! You can't go wrong. The wipes are easily stored in a container. They are great for clean up and come in some nice scents.

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  • janiejanie123 By  janiejanie123    

    Could not imagine surviving COVID-19 without Clorox Wipes. I use them in my bathrooms, kitchen, and keep a supply in my car to disinfect all areas. I trust all Clorox products.

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  • susan1199 By  susan1199    

    Depend on these daily!

    I trust and depend on these daily for keeping germs away from myself and those that I love. We carry these in our vehicles and use them after grocery shopping, pumping gas, and various other things. I trust the Clorox brand. Thank you.

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  • Abplusjess By  Abplusjess    

    Multi-use disinfectant

    I use these everyday at work. They make cleaning and disinfecting so easy. I use them to clean up kitchen counters, wipe doorknobs, telephones, banister, and in the bathroom. I also use them to clean my car. These have so many great uses. Definitely would reccomend.

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  • Angela811 By  Angela811    

    The BEST

    As a classroom teacher, these wipes have saved my body from getting sick multiple times a year. Even before COVID hit, my classroom had at least 3 canisters throughout the room ready to come clean up high traffic areas and clean up messes. That was my routine every day after school; grab a pair of latex gloves and a wipe and clean all tables and chairs, all door handles and book bins. How I miss using these wipes to clean my students' handprints off the furniture. Durable wipes and quick to clean up. I highly recommend.

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  • melmorgan4 By  melmorgan4    

    One of My Go-To Products

    This product is in all of my bathrooms, my office and in the kitchen. It cleans, sanitizes and freshens surfaces, and it is not harsh. It has been one of my go-to products during COVID 19. I recommend it to friends and family.

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  • Loepsie By  Loepsie    

    If you can find these in the time of Covid, you're very lucky! I purchased several big colorful six packs to have at home before the outbreak! I always use them. They are great at wiping down any surface. I keep them in my car, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and shed. I also have a flat pack in my purse, carryon and luggage! They are the best when traveling.

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  • W1sc0ns1nm0m By  W1sc0ns1nm0m    

    Great for vehicles!

    I keep a container of Clorox wipes in each vehicle! These are great to use on the dash, doors, leather seats, and console! Smells good too!

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  • sheann By  sheann    

    I love this wipes. I use them to clean everything, the bathroom, kitchen, inside the car etc...

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