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  • kc2345 By  kc2345    

    One of my favorite go-to Clif bars. If you need something to sustain you for a snack or something quick for breakfast I would recommend this.

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  • oregongirl420 By  oregongirl420    

    Cliff Bar

    I really like oatmeal raisin cookies, so I knew that is was going to like these. I love cliff bars! They are nice and thick and delicious. Nice soft texture.

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  • MMunoz9307 By  MMunoz9307    

    Not for me

    For some reason these taste like eating a stale hard oatmeal bar. I bought a box and had to force myself to eat them by repeating, "these are good for my body!" Not really a fan.

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  • karaellen89 By  karaellen89    

    This is such a good bar. The nut in it is big and u can actually taste it . The rasain makes it sweet and not fattening .it fills you up so it's a good snack with low calories to eat anytime of the day

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  • Srose2357 By  Srose2357    

    These are honestly not my favorite bar, but the are filling and great for on the go. The taste is not bad, they are just not the best tasting.

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  • LatinMama By  LatinMama    

    Great snack for the young athlete in your family. My 13-year old does not love meat and he works out a lot, so when we introduced him to Cliff Bar and he liked it we were thrilled!!! Lots of protein!!! Hello, how can you go wrong? I would recommend this to everybody!!!

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  • CoolKenzie By  CoolKenzie    

    I start almost every day off with an oatmeal raisin walnut Clif Bar! I love them because they are filling, taste great, and they are made with natural and organic ingredients. They have lots of protein to help wake me up in the mornings and give me lots of energy throughout the day. They aren't the cheapest energy bars out there, but they are definitely worth the price!

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