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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    The Best

    There are so many good Chobani Flips flavors, but this is one that the entire family loves! Great for quick breakfasts and snacks!

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  • Mommylife95 By  Mommylife95    


    I love that I can control if it?s creamy or crunchy by adding the other ingredients into the yogurt. My kids don?t like these at all but I don?t mind eating them

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  • quisha88 By  quisha88    

    This yogurt and all of its other flavors are so good I love the consistency and the extra bits that are on the.

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  • violetb14 By  violetb14    

    Not my yogurt

    I bought this because I thought the extra tidbits would be great in the yogurt, but the yogurt tastes bitter to me. I had to add a bit of sugar to even finish it. I won't buy again.

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  • jwilk27 By  jwilk27    

    Yes yes yes! Whoever created this product deserves a raise! Chocolatey goodness! It's a 8mini dessert but healthier! Very tasty!

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  • Hatshepsut By  Hatshepsut    

    I love Chobani yogurt and it's the only brand I buy. I thought I would try this one and instead of flipping it, I liked the fact that I could just stir in the amount I preferred. The price is right and the taste as always is wonderful.

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  • khall01 By  khall01    

    Convenient for Snacking

    I found this to be a little messy flipping in the topping and stirring but it was tasty and nice to have on hand.

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  • laurenmazz By  laurenmazz    

    I love the Chobani flips! They are so good, and just the right amount of food for a mid-afternoon snack. The only issue I have with them is that they need to come out with more flavors! Other than that, nothing bad to say here!

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  • Dessaraye By  Dessaraye    

    Very delicious, doesn't taste overly, sweet just right!

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  • GStanley By  GStanley    

    I am not a big yogurt fan but I have found my yogurt go to. All natural ingredients, packed with protein and ahhh-mazing taste. Coconut flavored yogurt with a side of dark chocolate and honey almonds to mix in. Perfection!

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