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  • Mdblasioli By  Mdblasioli    

    Great taste

    My absolute favorite type of cheez-it?s. They have such a great taste and are not too overpowering.

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  • wizardewu By  wizardewu    


    This is the best flavor. It tastes so good that I always eat too many at a time.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Tastes Delicious!

    We really love these White Cheddar Cheez-its! They are so addicting though!

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  • chelsweea By  chelsweea    

    Love These

    These are some of my favorites snacks of all time. Great flavor and consistently good.

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    Snack for days

    These are a delicious snack for those that want something a bit salty

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  • rburns14 By  rburns14    

    Delicious White Cheddar

    I absolutely love Cheez It White Cheddar. I love it a little too much actually, because I will eat a whole box in one setting!

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  • BethyBird By  BethyBird    

    Buy it

    This is my favorite flavor of Cheez-It's! I have no complaints. Give the inventor of this recipe a raise.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Cheez-It White Cheddar are ok, but I prefer the original. If these are accidently bought I will still eat them but I wouldn't pick them out at the store. It is probably just a taste preference.

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  • Extremelyhonest01 By  Extremelyhonest01    

    oh my yums

    My child's favorite. I love seeing his eyes light up with this! Always have some on my table, oh ! and add some cream cheese. Oh my !

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  • tuesdayef By  tuesdayef    

    My kids love it. Great snack that everyone loves. True classic

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  • Teecee By  Teecee    

    great snack food

    great cheese taste and most importantly crunch , its a satisfing snack

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  • jeabrown By  jeabrown    

    We love Cheez-Its

    I've bought Cheez-Its for years as a snack for my 2 sons. They were a great snack to add to lunches. We tried this flavor but found it to be too strong in flavor. We prefer the Four Cheese flavor.

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  • Ashleyc1430 By  Ashleyc1430    

    The best ever

    These are the best Cheeze it's ever made!! I love these so much, they are a perfect snack.

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  • Freebies4Mom By  Freebies4Mom    

    Love the Flavor

    I'm not a huge fan of Cheez-It crackers but there is something about this White Cheddar flavor that I love!

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  • cheryl_19572003 By  cheryl_19572003    

    White chedder cheesz it

    white chedder Cheesz it is the bomb.i love the chedder is woth your money

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