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  • SamNau By  SamNau    

    Perfect Cereal

    It is a nutritious breakfast cereal. My whole family enjoys it as it is very tasty and healthy.

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  • Clayrene776 By  Clayrene776    


    Cheerios always been my favorite cereal brand! This new option is beyond amazing and the super brand new chocolate and peanut butter is even better. Perfect with milk for breakfast or as a snack even if it?s difficult to stop digging for more.

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  • Awall22 By  Awall22    

    It's amazing how you can actually taste the peanut butter.These are really good when you want something different.

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  • poisonivyecho81 By  poisonivyecho81    

    I really enjoyed this cereal. It reminded of the peanut butter patty girl scouts cookies. Very tasty!

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  • Bergmom2 By  Bergmom2    

    Delicious! My whole family enjoys these!

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  • AquaSurf00 By  AquaSurf00    

    I love cheerios and I love peanut I REALLY wanted to love this cereal. I thought the peanut butter taste was mediocre at best. I was expecting an explosion of peanut butter flavor but I didn't get it. The box has been in my cabinet for a while now and it will probably end up in the trash. I will stick to my Honey Nut cheerios.

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    My husband loves all the Cheerios multigrain varieties and goes through several boxes a week. He loves them for breakfast, snacks and a quick main meal when we don't feel like cooking. Good taste and texture, not too sweet.

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  • Futuredoctormom By  Futuredoctormom    

    Absolute perfection!

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  • iamahappygirl By  iamahappygirl    

    We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee these!

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  • ekmandeville By  ekmandeville    

    We gobble these up in our house!

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  • MilissaSue By  MilissaSue    

    In love Cheerios...ans so do my 17 month old triplets:-) they make a great snack too

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  • mkel23 By  mkel23    

    This is definitely my favorite cereal! It's a healthy cereal but not too bland like many other healthy cereals!

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  • deanna1dmp By  deanna1dmp    

    These were delicious! I have to add however that my kids and I prefer to mix the peanut butter ones with the chocolate in a bowl with milk and they were amazing!

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  • dora923 By  dora923    

    I wish the peanut butter was a little stronger in flavor.

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  • RoschelleD By  RoschelleD    

    These are great plus my boyfriend loves it.

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