Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

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Signature Scent Chanel Coco Mademoiselle has an amazing scent with different notes throughout the day. The strongest scent I notice is the citrus but there are patchouli and floral hints as well. It is clean and refreshing. It is long lasting and a little goes a long way. The scent is attention grabbing. I feel so confident when i wear it. It is perfect for night or day. The box is elegant and sophisticated.

A gentle classic This perfume always makes me feel feminine and powerful. It?s a great musk and floral combination that a younger crowd would love if they find No. 5 too strong and musky.

Top of the line! This is my favorite fragrance and it stays on all day!!

Coco is been around for sometime it?s always been a go to perfume for me love love.

Timeless Scent! I own a few Chanel fragances myself and this is one of the most sophisticated and timeless scents from my collection. It is a fragance that suits a more mature crowd (not old!) . This bottle will last you forever as you only need so little and the smell last all day.

Love! This perfume is warm floral with notes of patchouli, rose, and orange. It smells delicate, sensual, and amazing. A little spray goes a long way. It lasts for hours.

The only perfume I wear I fell in love with Coco Mademoiselle after my mom started wearing it, and now her, myself, and my sister wear it as our favorite perfume. None of us like floral scents so this is the perfect scent for us! I always get compliments on it when I wear it, and it truly is such a timeless scent. I've tried the other Chanel scents in the past and while they are nice, they still don't hold a candle to this one.

Great Daytime Perfume This smells very nice on. It turns into a floral powder scent, warm and sensuous. I've received many complements on it. No one has yet to correctly guess that it's Chanel. The roller ball is a convenient way to apply just a touch of perfume for days in the office. The spray gives a stronger scent. A note about my tastes: I love Chanel No. 5. It is, by far, my favorite. But this is a refreshing scent. Perfume is such a personal item,you really need to try a spritz on to see how it interplays with your body chemistry.

Not the best I love Chanel No. 5, but Hate this scent. I everln had the soap. Could have saved my money. I do not like this one at all.

FAVORITE I love perfume. Always trying to find the perfect scent for m . Finally found it with this one. My mother got a bottle of coco Chanel for Christmas and hot me the mademoiselle about 4 years ago. It has been a have to have ever since. It smells good on in winter and summer. It is a spicy but not too strong scent. A lot of perfumes don't stay with me all da . Mademoiselle stays with me all day. I have never received so many compliments on a perfume until I started wearing thi . LLLOOOVVEEE YOU HAVE TO TRY.

Young as you feel! Another one of my favorites! Stays on and last all day. Yes for the mature woman - not just the older woman.

Although I love Chanel scents, this one is a bit too mature for me. It's something I feel elderly people wear.

This scent is one that anyone of any age will recognize. I wear this and people will stop me to tell me how great I smell.It's a little old lady smelling, but I love that. More mature scent for sure.

I love the smell of this! I wish I could afford to buy some!

I have it and I'm almost finish with it sadly. Wear it everywhere I go .