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  • Author image By rednecgirl63
    11.09.16   Edit

    They look and sound heavenly.

  • Author image By Daniixx
    08.23.16   Edit

    These came out delicious!

  • Author image By LibbyAnecia
    07.06.16   Edit

    My granddaughter Mileena is in love with these cookies! We just made a batch and she's asking me to help her make more!

  • Author image By ImariBoo
    02.04.15   Edit

    These are the bomb !! And my daughter has so much fun in the kitchen !

  • Author image By MommyFavorites
    11.04.14   Edit

    These are my favorite cookies over Christmas! We sometimes add a hershey kiss on top.

  • Author image By flyingsquirrel19
    10.04.13   Edit

    These were too good. Next time I think I will double the batch and freeze them.

  • Author image By marip1
    09.19.13   Edit

    These cookies were so good.

  • Author image By debi12345
    11.30.12   Edit

    no out of the way ingritants to go looking for... an easy make

  • Author image By SheriB
    12.04.11   Edit

    These cookies were easy to make, they came out looking yummy and tasted just as yummy!!

  • Author image By csherman
    12.02.11   Edit

    Those cookies could not look any tastier!! I usually make cookies from cake mix. Such a good idea to add M&Ms!

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