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  • Siempre By  Siempre    

    i am using this product lately. it makes your skin look fresh all day

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  • Hawkswin8819 By  Hawkswin8819    

    A dream for dry skin

    I do have dry skin so it's never easy finding a face wash that will actually help dry skin instead of making it tight & dry. This however has been a Godsend to me for years. It's perfect for in the morning, it rinses completely & leaves skin feeling hydrated & glowy without any clogged pores or breakouts.

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  • crystallee2019 By  crystallee2019    

    really good stuff

    My daughter and me and even my sister who actually introduced us to this is so good for your skin. It's actually better than the cetiphil stuff we were using. This one is much smoother and less harsh on the skin.

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  • chaiilattefrappe By  chaiilattefrappe    

    Great Product, buy NOW

    I use this every day, to cleanse, and to remove makeup! It does SUCH a good job and is great for sensitive skin! Washes off easily with water. I am in love, Holy Grail Product!

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  • SnoopyLoopy By  SnoopyLoopy    

    Save your money for treatments-try this!

    Most people do not realize the importance of using a low PH cleanser.It protects your skin's moisture barrier. If that is damaged from using a harsh cleanser or treatments your skin will be more vulnerable to wrinkles & acne. Cerave has ceramides as well, which helps heal your barrier if it is damaged, I love this cleanser because it is reasonably priced too. It doesn't make sense to use high priced cleansers because the only job it has is to clean gently and is washed off a minute later.

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Best wash ever

    Are a huge difference in my facial skin care routine. No mater how much I washed my face with any other product I would always have a break out or two through out the month. Since o started using this this has made a huge difference I rarely have breakouts if ever. My skin feels and looks so much better. It doesn't overly dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight. I wish I would have jumped on the wagon a lot sooner this stuff is absolutely A-mazing!

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  • MyGirlPebbles By  MyGirlPebbles    

    Great For Sensitive Skin

    I really like this facial cleanser. It's gentle and doesn't dry out my skin. It also doesn't leave a film like some hydrating cleansers. My skin is sensitive and this didn't burn nor cause any redness/bumps.

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