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Celebrating Moms This Mother's Day

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.06.15
Celebrating Moms This Mother's Day
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We know how hard women can be on themselves. This can be even more true for Moms.

Several notable ad campaigns depicted the pressure women put on themselves in the last few weeks:


Moms do SO many things right each and every day, and we want to celebrate these moments this Mother's Day.  If you're a Mom yourself we think it's time you gave yourself some credit!  If you want to share a story about your mom, we can't wait to hear it!

To enter our giveaway, share a Mom moment that makes you proud in the comments below.  You can either share a moment about you as a mom or something that your mom has done for you.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Congrats to our winner SueG907

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  • babybear By babybear

    Proud of my eldest daughter who graduated as valectorian in middle school, high school, completed her undergraduate work and is completing her 1st year of Pharmacy School and earned a scholarship!! She is driven to succeed!

  • sandy94536 By sandy94536

    Watching my son grow up and do well in school & is becoming a responsible young man.

  • CathBrad By CathBrad

    My Mom would absolutely love this, then all three of us (Me, My Daughter and My Mom) would all have one. She is such a strong and selfless woman, even after losing my Dad, her husband of 44 years, and being diagnosed with cancer, she always put everyone else first before herself. She is simply an amazing woman! So proud to call her my Mom!

  • kaffro By kaffro

    My son made me especially proud as a parent when he was younger, in 2nd grade, and I was in his classroom visiting for education week. A teacher's aide for the life skills class came up to me and asked me if I was his mother and that she wanted to thank me for teaching my son to be so compassionate and kind to the life skills kids in his class. She told me that he always made sure they were included in things the class was doing and he was always kind to them. It made me well up with tears. My youngest brother is mentally challenged, so my son has grown up around my brother and I've taught him that he needs to be patient and understanding and kind to people who have disabilities, because they cannot help it. t made me super proud that he was recognized for the things I taught him.

  • Elii02 By Elii02

    Im proud of my 3 boys. It gets crazy and overwhelming at times but they remind me every day why I am proud to be a mom. Every day they amaze me with what they learn and how fast they grow. I am proud to be a mom

  • AllThatJazz By AllThatJazz

    So proud that my sons have grown up to be great dads. They've given me eleven grandchildren to spoil!

  • catclan By catclan

    I never thought that i could be a stay at home mom, but I've been a mom of three (16, 14, and 10 years old) for 17 years now and my kids are all doing well (happy, healthy, good grades and they have become very well mannered citizens). I can't wait to see what they become. Thank you :)

  • julybug By julybug

    I was so proud of my mom for passing her citizenship exam and got to go watch her ceremony too.

  • Magyyy20001 By Magyyy20001

    My son just came back from a three month trip with his school from Lanjaron, Spain. After eleven hours in the caar yesterday it was sure nice to finally see my son. I am so very proud of him. I actually got to hug him. These are the moments you cherish for a lifetime.

  • ParentingHealthy By ParentingHealthy

    My Mom was a SAHM growing up because she hated the daycare scene. When my youngest sibling started High School, she went back to school and got a teaching degree and graduated in her 40's. She was a Paraeducator and now has taught 3rd grade for over 5 years now. Now I have teens of my own and they know that if Grandma could go back at 40 for her education, there is no excuse to sit still after High School. She inspires me, her students and my boys!

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