Cafe Bustelo Coffee

Cafe Bustelo Coffee

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Here's a secret: Add a scoop of Cafe Bustelo Coffee to your regular breakfast coffee! Gives a richness and a kick to your mornings!

Best strong coffee I live in Miami and once you've had Cuban coffee it's hard to drink anything else. Love this brand to make espresso with milk at my house. Or hand out shots at work.

My Current Fave If you're like me and you love espresso roast, I think you will like this a lot. Very strong and bold without tasting "burnt" or too acidic. It has been my go-to "work from home" coffee this month.

Good strong coffee If you need a good strong coffee that is preground this is a great choice. It maintains a good coffee flavor even after adding cream and sugar. The flavor isn't over roasted or burnt.

Very Strong Coffee Was suggested to us by our maintenance man who's from the NY city area. If you like your coffee super strong go for it. I was a bit overwhelmed by its strength and found it a bit too bitter for my taste.

I love, love , love this coffee. It's pretty cheap and it has a strong taste. I wasn't expecting much from this coffee because I got it on sale for $3.99 and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I thought it was better than most of the more advertised "big" brands.

I love strong coffee and this is strong enough without being bitter. I've used the kcups and enjoy it very much!

This is all we buy now. We love the taste of it! Use it as espresso or coffee!

This coffee had the great flavor and capability to be the dark roast that I was hoping for but that is where the positive experience ended for me. The extremely fine grind of the beans interacted terribly with my BUNN coffee maker and resulted in a terrible mess of overflow each and every time I brewed a pot. I tried adjusting the number of tablespoons I used and the overflow problem still persisted. Although I enjoyed the taste of this coffee, I would not recommend or repurchase it because of the terrible mess and cup full of grinds that unfailingly occurred.

This makes a mad cappuccino! Absolutely love!

Awesome! My boyfriend always buys this one and i love it.

This is my moms favorite coffee. She always makes this. Smells amazing and tastes great.

I have to say this is the best tasting and most affordable coffee I've had in a long time. I live in Texas and it is constantly out of stock at my local HEB Plus. My family has been enjoying it for the past year and it seems everyone has caught on to how awesome it is. I am an avid coffee drinker and I give Bustelo an A++

Love Cafe Bustelo, I drink it like regular coffee and it's great. I also use it for espresso shots and it's nice and strong!!! Love the taste and it's priced fairly!!!!

Growing up in a Hispanic house we had this coffee every morning and sometimes in the evening as well I Love this coffee it reminds me of home. Oh and it does keep you awake.