CW Supernatural

CW Supernatural

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Best older Supernatural Paranormal tv show Best older supernatural paranormal television series ever made.

Addicted This show is great. My son and I have seen every episode. Love the Winchesters.

This show has changed a lot since it started but I still watch it because of Jensen and Jared. There's a lot going on in the episodes and it's easy to get lost if you take a break in between but you never really know what's gonna happen next which is nice. The relationships and bonds that the characters have off set really helps with the acting on set.

start from the beginning, it will all make sense. I don't enjoy it as much as I did the first few seasons but I do still love it! Despite some of the more pointless plots, Jensen & Jared do a great job keeping me coming back for more every season! I would recommend it to anyone but if you're heavily religious I'd recommend keeping an open mind and taking some plot lines with a grain of salt.

Was literally obsessed with this show for far too long. I ended up falling off for a little while, and now it's very difficult to get back into it. My advice: if you like it, stick with it, or else you'll end up lost and broken hearted over not knowing what's going to happen. In addition to the wonderful, but complicated, story line, the acting is pretty wonderful, and they take legitimate theories/myths/stories and put a twist on them to sort of make you see biblical things and so on in a different light.

Best Show Ever!! Have been a fan since day one every year gets better and better. I really only watch this show don't really like many shows these days.

Im so obsessed with this show! I love the fact that its about the paranormal which is why sparked my interest to begin with, but it also has some what of a comedic side to it as well which just overall is juat a good balance.

I got hooked on this show a few years ago when watching reruns. For the past couple weeks I have been binge watching season 9 & 10 on Netflix every night. If you like stories about witches, vampires, and mythical creatures this is a great show.

Great show! My daughters absolutely love this show. They have posters all over their room and they never miss an episode. I've seen some of the episodes too but it's more their thing. Great show!

Best show I am obsessed with this show that I'm part of the fandom. This show has taking over my social life lol but seriously I was hooked after the 1st episode

I absoulty love this show, it keeps you wanting to watch next week and the following, very good

Love it! It's different from anything else on and Sam and Dean are great characters. The writers always you guessing and on the edge of your seat at times

great show!!!!I like that no matter how many seasons this show never fails to amaze me!

I've heard so many good things about this show, but for me, I just couldn't get into it. I love the supernatural and paranormal, and horror movies, or even ghost stories, but this show just bored me to death. The episode descriptions are more interesting than the show itself.

This is one of the best shows! There is a little mystery, humor, ghosts, GREAT music. As long as you are into paranormal and funny then this is the show for you. I have been watching it for 11 years.