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  • kalynndresser By  kalynndresser    

    Great for slight allergies

    We bought these the day after we rescued our kitten from the local animal shelter. He came to us with a little cold that progressed to a full blow cat cold but went away after a week. During the week he was sick he was sneezing and sniffling and had a horrible runny nose. On top of the medication, we also gave him a wipe down bath with warm water since we rescued him and he was a bit dirty. It is very hard for kittens to regulate their temperature so we also kept him wrapped up after his bath so he wouldn't get sicker. We got these wipes to help clean his face and his paws after he would go into the litter box. After the first day of using them, he was sneezing much less just kept having a runny nose and eyes which would lead to crusty eyes he couldn't open first thing in the morning when we got up. So we would constantly keep his face clean. Once he got over his sickness, he was much, much better. My stepson came over when we first got him and he couldn't really play with him without sneezing. After using these wipes and once his cold was gone my stepson came back over and he didn't have any sneezing issues anymore! So overall, these worked for us. I think some of it may have just been the dander he picked up from the shelter that made my stepson semi-allergic. But once we cleaned him we didn't have any other issues. We also changed the litter the shelter recommended, and have had NO issues what so ever. From all my reading, I've learned that people aren't allergic to cats, but to their urine or their dander and that cats who have 'allergies' are often just allergic to their food or litter. We don't use these wipes daily anymore, we haven't actually had to use them since he got over his cold and we changed the litter, but they are going to be good on hand to help clean him every once in a while. They never bothered our kitten in any way and he wasn't turned off by them. When you'd rub him down he purred and loved it.


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