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  • Annab786 By  Annab786    


    The stroller is great especially during travel. It?s easily folded and opens right away. Great to have with 3 kids

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  • KristenGarber By  KristenGarber    

    Should have started with this one!

    After having two little boys, I WISH I had bought this stroller. I needed one for my infant and the one I had was not made for small babies. I will be looking into this one if I have another one!

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  • Mariejess123 By  Mariejess123    

    Great riders

    This stroller looks awesome looks simple to use and easy to push looks great . ☺

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  • AFBeauty By  AFBeauty    

    I loved this stroller so much for my kids. So easy to maneuver through doors, on all terrain. Traveled everywhere with my Bugaboo. Still looked like new even after two children.

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  • SavannahStarck By  SavannahStarck    

    Best stroller around!

    This is the only strollers we have used with our 4 kids. Have used mine since 2008 and still going strong.

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  • Laterhorst By  Laterhorst    

    A must have item!!

    I love this stroller! ! Perfect for my 2 grandkids A little spendy, but totally worth it!!

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  • Ches4191 By  Ches4191    

    test strollers.

    The stroller we received first broke upon first use. Luckily it was during a test run. They sent a replacement immediately and that one was great. I suggest testing all strollers before placing your baby inside. Their customer service was great.

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  • Tmulla30 By  Tmulla30    

    I love their products, a little costly, but worth the money.

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  • Faizalovely By  Faizalovely    

    I don't really need this ,but i really love it and i think you should buy it if you have a baby because stroller is really good for keeping your baby safe

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  • Butterflylover By  Butterflylover    

    Cooliest stroller ever.

    I have no need now for this, but I just wanted to say I love it. Had nothing like this for my kids.

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  • Jacktorse55 By  Jacktorse55    

    good choice

    durable and light. they are great. i bought one for our first child and used it for all three. it lasted through all kinds of wear and tear.

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  • radwaa By  radwaa    


    Honestly when j bought this the legs were already halfway broken thank god we tested before.

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  • Sollia By  Sollia    

    This product looks like comfortable and practical.

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  • chrissylee78 By  chrissylee78    

    Works great for my child. Very versatile and easy to use. Love the convenience of an all in 1 system

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  • thisnthat By  thisnthat    

    Wheres the space

    I liked the fact that it can be a stroller then a basinet but i did find there was barley any storage!

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