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  • Mommylife95 By  Mommylife95    


    My daughter likes these and they stay on for a good while. They are pretty and don?t hurt your nails like acrylic nails

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  • Vtctgirl88 By  Vtctgirl88    


    These nails fit great and look good. They are easy to put on. They dont stay glued on for a long time but honestly I like that. I dont like having fake nails on all the time and i like that i can take them off when i want.

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  • MommaSholly06 By  MommaSholly06    

    I used to use these all the time when i was younger. they are really nice for special occasions when you don't have time or the energy to do your nails. Or if you cant seem to grow out your nails and want them to look nice. of course they dont always stay on very long depending on how rough you are on them. but what do you expect from fake nails.

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  • natac33 By  natac33    

    Easy to put on and they looked great!! I really love them and would buy again!

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  • lee102707 By  lee102707    

    I had this since I was too busy to keep a good condition of my nails. It was easy to apply or use for beginner. It looked nice and clean with the color on my skin. It would be a best investment for any women who had a busy life style just like me.

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  • anetapl1 By  anetapl1    

    I bought these broadway nails because I wanted to try them out. I was a little skeptical about glue on nails, however when I put them on they looked very natural, they fit nice and stay on for a long time which I wasn't expecting. I love these because they make your hands look beautiful.

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  • beccalynnlove By  beccalynnlove    

    these are great. they fit amazing.

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  • ruthiejane By  ruthiejane    

    I am super excited to do this review :) EEEK :) I love this product :) I found a big discount site that sells the broadway real life French nails in the color Rose for $1.75 a box :) Less than $2 each? Seriously? I couldn't pass them up...I ordered lots of boxes of them since they were so cheap and use them constantly :) I love the way they make my hands look, they make me feel beautiful and feminine :) I have super flimsy natural nails dispite what I use on my nails and these are great for a fast affordable manicure :)

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