Brach's Candy Corn

Brach's Candy Corn

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I love Candy Corn! I keep some in my car as a treat after work during the fall. Great for decorating too!

Brachs's Candy Corn Yummy! Goodness:-) Whenever I see candy corn I know the holidays are right around the corner. I love candy corn when it's fresh and just melts in your mouth! I savor the first bite, and every bite thereafter in the sweet anticipation of the coming holidays.

Great snag These are addicting one of my favorites great for all perfect for a candy lover value is worth it quality is out of this world they give you a huge bag too love that I would get these again no doubt about that

A Fall/Halloween Classic! These little morsels scream FALL and HALLOWEEN to me! I love seeing these on store shelves, knowing Halloween is right around the corner! A Fall staple that can't be beat!

Love I love candy corn! When I think of Halloween I think of Brach's. Great to use in baking but also just plain.

Still tastes as good as it did 40 years ago! I'm a candy corn and autumn corn lover. I have tried many,many different brands of candy corn. The only one that has in my opinion the "best"candy corn is Brachs. I've been eating this brand since I was a kid. This still tastes as great now as it did 40 years ago!

Great One of my favorite candy corn brand. Four starts because it gets dried and doesn't taste good after some time.

The candy of season It is not truly the fall season until you see the candy corn! Love the taste and flavor of this candy. The colors also have you longing for the chill.

Love it! I love the classic colors and taste of this brand's candy corn! I find it the most Halloween type candy out there and love seeing any product that is candy corn decorated! This is very sugary with a nice soft texture and a touch of butterscotch flavor too. This is a nice quality brand when it comes to candy. I love seeing this out during fall because it really gets me in the mood for Halloween! I love the pumpkin shaped candies too!

Brachs Candy Corn Candy Corn has been one of my favorite candies since I was a child. With todays crazy selection its nice to still get your original favorite. Brachs candy corn to this day is still the best!

candy corn is great. I love candy corn! I know this stuff gets a bad rep, but I super can't get enough. One downside is that they taste horrible if left out in the exposed air too long.

These are some of my favorite Halloween candies, I love the sweet taste. They also go well in a cookie.

Deliciousness in Candy Corn I love Brachs Candy Corn and the best part it's us easy to use to decorate also for Halloween between cupcakes, Haunted House Cake and brownies

Classic Candy Brach's Candy Corn my favorite Halloween candy! It's a delicious treat thats been around since 1904! You can eat it right from the bag or as a topping on ice cream! They are made with real honey as well!

Perfect These are the bestest especially at this time of year! Tastes great so creamy and sweet plus add a nice de oration if put out in a candy dish!