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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Great Paper Towels

    Bounty Basic is great quality paper towel. I love how durable it is and also how absorbent. Cleans up messes quickly, big or small and cleans the messiest kids around with some water. Good value for price, quantity and quality and last a while for it is a big roll. Simple packaging and easy to use- just rip and wipe.

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  • Easy2SaveBlog By  Easy2SaveBlog    

    Great Product

    My favorite paper towel! I like the texture of this product it is strong and picks up moisture very well.

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  • KeishaGalmm By  KeishaGalmm    

    This paper towel is very strong. It's great for if you have a big family.

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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    

    Great sturdy , paper towels! I buy them on sale at my local dollar store!

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  • dyan316 By  dyan316    

    Good product

    These are great for spills , or cleaning the counters off. I use mine for cleaning with alot.

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  • LeanettaScott By  LeanettaScott    

    Better than Basic

    These are called Bounty Basic but in my humble opinion they are better than basic. I really appreciate the way they clean up the messes of children and dogs. I also use them clean up the house as well. I pretty much use them for everything and they hold up just as good if not better than others. I also like the fact they don't have the fancy decorations on them. I like the plain white of them.

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  • Heatherlorene By  Heatherlorene    

    Love Them!!

    I absolutely love these paper towels, they are by far the best ones I have ever used. Also great if you have children, they will clean up any mess!

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  • ChristineJarman By  ChristineJarman    

    Super absorbant

    One of my favorite paper towels. They are an amazing price too!

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  • xxdesertash By  xxdesertash    

    The strongest and most reliable paper towel out there!

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Never falls apart

    Love bounty, once of the few paper towels you can scrub with that won't fall apart. Little more expensive than other products but well worth it. You won't use half as much on a mess than you would with a different brand.

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  • Aliciadawns26 By  Aliciadawns26    

    Buy these over the leading brand every time they are well priced and don't fall apart

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  • Anastasiairina By  Anastasiairina    

    ive used this brand for years and never had a problem. their products just keep getting better and better

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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    We currently use these paper towels in my home and work office to clean up any messes. They are in expensive and very cost effective. They are not quite as strong as the other bounty, but for price paid, and quality? Perfect. it's also good to clean make up off, I've found, just moisturize and wipe off!

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  • Doreyjefferson By  Doreyjefferson    

    Absolutely LOVE bounty products !! Bounty does it's job! I can remember my mother using bounty when i was a child. Absolutely thee BEST product hands down

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  • Karenpritchard25 By  Karenpritchard25    

    Only have to use one for a big spill,and they r cheap

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