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  • moot0009 By  moot0009    

    This lint roller is great, although I do find the refills to be a little pricey. I *love* to use it on my sheets and pillow cases (I have two dogs that definitely sleep with me even though I know it's not so great for you) to remove the hair and freshen them when it gets closer to wash time (or it's past wash time, but I just haven't gotten it done yet!).

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  • shaypas7 By  shaypas7    

    This is one of my favorite lint rollers. I love the scent, and it works wonderfully to remove pet hair from clothes. The only drawback is that I find it difficult to find in stores, and it is quite a bit pricier than comparable lint rollers.

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  • Susan13 By  Susan13    

    I I have one in my car and in my house. Makes clothes lint free and also free from pesty animal hair.

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    I love this product so much. Black is my favorite color, but black clothes get a lot of lint on them. I use this all the time. It removes lint well, and it smells great.

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  • Marja1959 By  Marja1959    

    I leave one at home and work great for dog hairs!!!

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  • 94dmessinger By  94dmessinger    

    It's a scented lint roller. It works fantastically on my work clothes (All black with 2 cats) but it works about the same as any other lint roller.

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  • vkoenig By  vkoenig    

    I keep one in my large pocketbook and have helped many people get rid of some lint in no time.

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  • tinamyers By  tinamyers    

    This prodcut totally is great for those days when you are tired and don't feeling picking off the lint. Plus it saves on tearing up the fabrics from picking off the material. This is handy to keep in your travel bags.

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  • MarilynM1961 By  MarilynM1961    

    I have cats and i would highly recommend just picks up on clothing,furniture,etc...Love it!

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  • candacec88 By  candacec88    

    I love this! I have one at home, work and in my car. I use it all the time! This is the best one I have tried!

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  • hackleysstore By  hackleysstore    

    I love this lint roller!

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  • mrshonduras By  mrshonduras    

    i use this product ,at home ,in my car,and at my job. it great and the smell is a plus.

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  • Nessav By  Nessav    

    I always get lint on me always it never fails I cary one of these on my car my room my office everywhere

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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    This product works well and smells great !!

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  • t_topsaz By  t_topsaz    

    this product smells good which other brands don't have that feature, and it picks up, hair, little bugs, and lint really well, since finding this lint roller I haven't used a lint brush in many years..

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