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  • Heidi23 By  Heidi23    

    Great option if you want to keep your baby away from plastic (which can cause cancer). Very smart imo. Very easy to clean

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  • Kededraw By  Kededraw    

    Great bottle

    Easy to clean and i love this bottle. So much better than plastic bottles

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  • Csmith1221 By  Csmith1221    

    Good Bottle

    I tried these when my son was 2 months old supplementing BM and they did great.

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  • Janetteschebel By  Janetteschebel    

    Only bottle either of my girls would take! We literally tried what felt like every know bottle!! They were messy feeders and their levels of flow seemed to be the most appropriate and helped them not drool their formula out! We used all levels of nipples from 1-3 as they grew! Their reflux wasn?t as bad as with other bottles and the parts weren?t a pain to clean!

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    Excellent bottle

    Born free bottles glass or plastic have worked wonders for me! I feel as though my son would get far less gassy and upset when using Born Free bottles and trust me I bought the top 5 rated ones to begin with to make sure my son felt the most comfortable while eating and have stuck with Born Free. I have and will continue to also purchase these for new moms for baby shower gifts, so far everyone that has received them has continued to use them as well.

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  • Jessalove123 By  Jessalove123    

    I have always loved glass bottles but these in particular are reasonably priced, they are easy to clean and they don't contain harmful chemicals like plastic bottles do so it makes me feel more comfortable as to me using this bottle with a child instead of plastic bottles. Next up is glass sippy cups lol!!!!!!

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  • mrsedwards86 By  mrsedwards86    

    Non baby Hiccups

    Love this less hiccups for my daughter non fussiness

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  • AZebro By  AZebro    

    Mother of 4 highly recommends!

    I have 4 children and used this bottle with all of them! I loved that they are made of glass, it was comforting knowing we did not have to worry about the plastic and if it truly was BPA safe. The bottles last a lifetime you just need to buy new nipples.

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  • kristieking1989 By  kristieking1989    

    Great Product!

    I used these bottles the entire time my child was bottle feeding and I LOVED them!

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  • Seguinjj2 By  Seguinjj2    

    My daughter used this bottle and we loved it. I also buy to give out as gifts! Great baby shower gift!

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  • Prettygirl01 By  Prettygirl01    

    I just wanted to know if this bottle is helps better to get rid of colic . I have tried just about every bottle that says bpa free and nothing seems to work. Any advice on which bottle is best.

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  • Ponce35 By  Ponce35    

    Workes So well!

    Loved how well this worked for my kids. Love the shape of it and easy for the baby to put there mouth over.

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  • Yazmara By  Yazmara    


    Very similar to the doctor Browns except they don't have the huge vent thing inside. There good but my baby has a lot of colic and reflux so had to go back to dr brown. Will be using these after a few months again

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  • lfreemanlpn By  lfreemanlpn    

    Just buy it!

    Cleaner, healthier, less air, longer lasting, no complaints

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  • Blondy4life2005 By  Blondy4life2005    

    Love these bottles

    I love these bottles. My child is 4 months old and is breastfeed but when mommy goes to work daddy uses born free glass bottles. No nipple confusion, no gas or bloating problems and they clean so well! My bottles look brand new and I only have 3 of them so they get washed almost everyday. HUGE plus- they are glass and do not contain the harmful chemicals plastic may have!

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