Boppy Nursing Pillow

Boppy Nursing Pillow

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So useful - it's great! This pillow is great, not only for feeding, but just as a general pillow to help keep babies positioned and safe wherever they are - it's really one of the most valuable baby items we had.

Made nursing so comfy I used one with all of my children. It made nursing so comfy and easy. My children all still use them today as pillows

Must have for babies Works great for feeding even if baby is not breast feed. My baby loved it. We good it everywhere with up just so he could be comfortable and always have something to sit in. Also very easy to clean just the case or the whole pillow.

So many uses Great for multiple uses including nursing, bottle feeding, propping, and tummy time!

LOVE IT!!! I love it. I wish I could get a free sample of it.

Useful Pillow I never actually used my boppy pillow for nursing but it comes in handy for other things. I mainly used it to help my son with tummy time and now recently, learning to sit up. It?s handy to have around.

Wonderful/comfortable It was very helpful with my infant. I used this to breast feed. Let my baby take naps and hang out within and watch tv. She loved it and was very comfortable. I love how it feels I definitely recommend it

Comfortable Pillow Very helpful with an infant. I used this to breast feed. Let my baby take naps and hang out within the U shape.

Boppy pillows are a must! I used a boppy pillow for both of my babies, and I loved them. Would 10/10 use again!

Love our Boppy! I have used a Boppy with all four children! From feedings to tummy time! We love it. It's larger and more firm than a neck pillow that you would normally travel with. If it's a priority, you could take it, depending on what else you're carrying on.

We love Boppy I used this the entire time i nursed during the first year. It was a life saver when I was learning how to latch but became such a comfort as my little baby grew and we formed a routine. We even traveled with it!

Loved it! It's very comfortable to use. My baby really love to sleep with it.

Nursing Pillow & Beyond! The best pillow for nursing! It?s also great for later on when baby gets older for resting or properly laying on tummy, or support to help when learning to sit up!

Feed your Babe with Boppy I am a new mother, and my boppy pillow is an extension of my body when nursing my one month old. It travels with me from room to room and is so versatile. The covers are easily washable and super cute! I highly recommend this product