Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

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Perfect for babies or even older children that don't like to have their nose wiped. I add these to any baby shower bundle that I put together as a gift.

I have these for my daughter because my sister recommended them to me she is still too little in my opinion to use (5 months) but I have used them for my nephew (11 months) and they are great! I love that there is different scents especially because all babies are different and can be sensitive to them scents

I love these wipes and they are gentle on my baby face!! Being a single mother I just wish the price was a little cheaper!

Our go to wipes when our little babe has boogies. They're gentle and leave his nose feeling fresh and clean!

Good job Boogie Wipes Boogie wipes are a lifesaver. They are gentle on my son's nose, allowing me to clean his nose up completely. I would recommend.

Best Stuffy/Runny nose Wipes EVER! This Boogie wipes are the best creation for children even Adults like myself! When you have stuffy nose it helps with releasing those clogged up boogers and even helps with runny nose. Because everyone Knows how bad a RAW nose is from constantly using Kleenex and it helps moisten the nose and even has a nice suddle scent to it! I really like the Fresh scent as Grape isnts really my liking of taste or smell! Good job Boogie wipes! I buy this all the time and even have them on hand

Great for wiping dried up boogies! Boogie wipes are a life saver for my toddler as she fights me to wipe her nose but loves these! The saline is so smooth and helps wet the dry boogies right off! Also easy storing package! The only complaint I have is they are pricey and they don't come with many in a package. But other than that, I would be lost without them!!! Highly recommend them!

Kleenex who? Ugh. What a saving grace these wipes are! During the cold winter months & allergy season, i must be stocked up on these. Scent is a bonus!

Love These for my Baby! I love these wipes for my baby! When she has a runny nose, the soft wipes don't irritate her skin and the saline in them helps to not dry her skin too. If her nose gets dry and crusty, these are so gentle to clean it off. She doesn't even cry! These are a necessity in my book!

These are so gentle! Love this product! The are not sticky nor have a bad odor!

When my son was little his allergies were so bad that a tissue wouldn't cut it. After using the softest tissues I could find and him still having a red-raw nose I learned about Boogie wipes, These are the best thing ever! We have gone through package after package and 7 years later we are still using them. Boogie Wipes are a go to for baby shower giving now.

Try "Boogie Wipes" As a Day Care Teachers "Boogie Wipes" are very popular! They are really good for the kids nose, they don't have the ingredients that the baby wipes have that might cause harm for their nose and face area. They contain Aloe Vera which is perfect to protect the babies face, it protect them from breaking out. They fabric is polyester so it will be gentle for the babies skin. The Saline helps dissolve the snot and the Mucus, the saline will help moisturize the irritated skin as well. I will also recommend this product for adult specially for those winter days that the running nose comes it will help protect the nose from getting red and irritated.

Asked for by name! These are a must have when you have little one's with runny noses! Their noses get so raw from wiping since they don't know how to blow, Boogie Wipes help prevent that because of the saline, and they have fun scents to make them intriguing for your little one as you wipe their nose! I love them! My kids do too! They ask for them by name!

Unnecessary Did not think that these were anything different than normal baby wipes.

Love these wipes We love these wipes, especially during a cold. They are really soft and make wiping little noses less of a struggle. They don't have a strong scent, which is great.