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  • ctucker45 By  ctucker45    

    I love this magazine. It keeps me motivated to take care of ME. I always learn something new. I always look forward to the next issue!

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  • Melissa66 By  Melissa66    

    I'm a subscriber. I really enjoy this magazine. I wish it wasn't so pricy though. The content is great.

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  • itzcj3 By  itzcj3    

    I have really enjoyed this magazine. Especially for a new mom who needs to remember to take time for herself, this magazine gave me ideas on just how to do that. It had a little bit of everything and I wasn't overwhelmed by advertising!

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    This magazine is a must read.

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  • xaxweikertx By  xaxweikertx    

    I love this magazine. It's one of my favorites. I'm like a kid at Christmas when it comes in the mail.

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  • melsplace By  melsplace    

    Really, Really excellent magazine with lots of information. sign up for the online newsletters.. Enjoy!

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    I have been reading this magazine for about a year now, and I have yet to throw one of them out after reading. This isn't a magazine that pushes you to eat organic, wear organic, sew your own clothes, live off the land, etc. It's for people that want to start making healthier choices in their life one step at a time. And they don't just focus on the food side, but also on the personal side. I really love their stress relieving tips. Best part is that much of what they suggest doesn't cost an arm and a leg. No weird ingredients or products that can only be found in a distant country on the borders of Mongolia. "At Body+Soul, we believe that possibilities always outdistance limitations. We know that "yes" is more powerful than "no" and that cultivating your soul is as important as caring for your body. We believe anyone can create a life of beauty, deep satisfaction, and radiant good health. We believe you don't need an entire life makeover to enact healthy, positive changes that benefit you, your family, and the planet. In all aspects of living, small and meaningful steps can yield profound results."

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  • meowmix By  meowmix    

    i forgot to add stars 2 stars

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  • 123zulu78 By  123zulu78    

    Many articles are informative but short. I get this free for now but I would not spend the money on a subscription.

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  • Colodreamer By  Colodreamer    

    Little amounts of content. The info is accurate but too simple for those who are already into natural living, and a little vague even for those who are just getting into natural living.

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  • kirsten156 By  kirsten156    

    I like this magazine and recently subscribed. I am very interested in natural health and sustainable practices and just living a better life that nurtures my soul. I get happy when my subscription arrives and it inspires me to do more to keep that fulfilling feeling coming.

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  • courtney_lynne By  courtney_lynne    

    very much into green living. I liked it. has free subs. I just got my first issue and it was enjoyable to read, not the best mag ever ( real simple-for me!) but good enjoyable and nice quality.

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  • mlhager648 By  mlhager648    

    I love it! This is the best magazine for people who are into natural living/living green. It has informative articles on health, diet, excercize, herbs, beauty products, stress management, essential oils, etc... I've had a subscription to this magazine since it first came into publication and I'll have one until it ends.

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  • coffee4me56 By  coffee4me56    

    I recieved two issues of this magazine as a trial. Loved it, very enjoyable magazine. Many great articles, product reviews,.etc. I would subscribe to this one depending on the cost of the subscription. You can find this magazine at

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