Bodum Chambord French Press

Bodum Chambord French Press

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Still Working After All These Years I have had this French Press for a while now. It is super simple to use and there are never any loose coffee grounds floating around.

Boudine: French Press to a Cup of Perfection This Bodum french press is the perfect size for two full cups of coffee. You can control how strong to make the coffee by the amount of coffee grounds put inside which is made to perfection. It looks good, makes excellent coffee, is easy to clean, and doesn't take up much space at all. I recommend this to all of my family and friends!

Perfect Press Good for making stronger coffee. Easy to use and clean.

Love it! Absolutely love this! Makes the perfect coffee and is much better than typical coffee makers.

Love my French Press! Perfect french press. Great coffee every time. Nice seal.

Makes tasty coffee and tea This is a good coffee and tea maker. It makes very tasty. only thing I don't like is a bit difficult to clean.

Highly recommend Got this as a gift for our wedding. It is great. The coffee is rich and the strainer did an excellent job of keeping most of the grounds in the pot.

Got this as a birthday gift. Omg I am in love. makes such strong coffee and really easy too. Its muchc faster than a typical coffee maker. Easier cleanup.

I love making my coffee in a french press. I got this as a present and absolutely loved it. The coffee comes very smooth and rich. I love this better than the drip coffee.

This is my favorite coffee maker of all time. The Bodum French Press delivers the finest cup of coffee you have ever had. This is because the carafe is glass and you taste the coffee...not the coffeemaker. The press separates in to two parts, the glass carafe and the stainless steel press for easy and thorough cleaning. The flavor of the coffee comes through like no other method because of it's simple perfection. The 34 oz. carafe boasts its 8 cup capacity, but remember, that's 4, by American standards ie; mugs. The method of pouring the water over the grounds and leaving it to brew for 4 minutes is what makes the coffee blossom. And, the press leaves no chemicals from processed paper filters, so all the flavor is from the coffee. This is the way coffee is supposed to taste. I have owned several Bodum presses. I currently have two. This is the only coffeemaker I buy. Try will see why!