Boca Original Meatless Chicken Nugget

Boca Original Meatless Chicken Nugget

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Yum! I cant seem to find these where I live BUT If they are anything like their chik'n patties. Im sure they are just as amazing!!

love these I love these nuggets, they are one of my favorites. To me, they taste just like real chicken nuggets but cost more and aren't actually made from chicken.

I absolutly love boca products. I used the be a morningstar fan but i didnt know there was better stuff out there.

I was a Morningstar commited veggie. However, I had a coupon for Boca and they were on sale so I decided to give them a try. I was pleasently suprised. When I took them out of the package they look as though they are any old meat chicken nugget. I decided to cook them in the toaster oven so that they would have a crisp effect to them. I cooked them for about 15 monis at 375 degrees. I cut them in half to eat when done. They were crispy and not dry at all. I have now switched over to Boca!

My daughter gave up meat for lent. Being a growing teenager, I worried about her getting enough protein. I purchased these and they taste great. Besides the texture being a little different, they do taste like chicken! I will purchase these again, they are much healthier than regular chicken nuggets.

LOVE these! Great flavor and texture! Keep them in the freezer for a quick lunch or snack or to top off a salad. The hubby even likes them as well!

I absolutely LOVE these meatless chicken nuggets. They are so delicious and flavorful. Sometimes I eat them with ketchup, other times I don't -- they are so good, you don't need to dip them in anything! I can't help myself, but eat the whole bag of them! I recommend them to everyone! My brother who isn't even a vegan or vegetarian, enjoys these, too!