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  • HelgaHelga By  HelgaHelga    

    a good green tea

    Bigelow is a time-honored brand of tea. Their green tea is full of flavor, very good.

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  • balldan By  balldan    


    best green tea, mild and flavorful.... best green tea selection out there!

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  • minmin By  minmin    

    Good flavor. I can drink this tea without .adding honey. Healthy, good for your body. A used teabag is great to rub on incest bites or sunburns.

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  • Pearltree By  Pearltree    

    Green tea

    love green tea. I drink decaf but any green is good and this is one of the brands i buy because of it's antioxidant properties. I try to look for foods that are healthy.

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  • laurnk By  laurnk    

    Reliable green tea

    This green tea is good! It's very comforting and doesn't get too strong or bitter over time. I think a good amount of time to steep is 3-4 minutes. You can also make iced green tea if you leave a tea bag in a water bottle overnight in the fridge!

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