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  • JCrutch04 By  JCrutch04    

    I always purchase these to light my candles. Easy to use. Long lasting. Great product!

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  • Herfun1986 By  Herfun1986    

    Life saver

    Very happy with this product great for camping or lighting your cigarettes in wind and cold

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  • homesteadmomma By  homesteadmomma    

    How often can you use these lighters in your home?

    I like these lighters. My husband loves them and I do not have enough to keep up with his needs of these. I use them to light my wood furnace, cook stove and smokers. My husband uses them in his garage, smokers, tourches, and what ever else he can use it for in his garage and different projects. I never knew how much he needed something like these lighters. My daughter likes them when she was learning to start the cook out grill in a campground. I also love that my grandson can not get them to start. I like the childproof on them and sometimes they are husband proof as well.

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  • natasaangelidou By  natasaangelidou    

    Very usefull! You can light up the grill, candles, anything! Something so simple but such a brilliant idea. I have been using it for a very long time and still haven't found a replacement! Thumbs up to whomever thought of it!

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  • britnyriker By  britnyriker    


    GREAT for all my candles i light. these make it so easy to light our candles, and start bonfires.

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  • JanayS89 By  JanayS89    

    Bic is an extremely reliable brand. These lighters are well made and give a good flame all the way to the end of the gas supply.

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  • Waldostarr By  Waldostarr    

    It works very well. It will light when other lighters won't. I prefer using Bic over the other brands. We use it to light the grill, use it for the fire place. We use it at hunting camp for the laterns and the camp fire.

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  • sonya87 By  sonya87    

    Great for lighting candles that have burned to far down in the jar, a pilot light on a stove or anything else. Lasts for a long time & is made good. Very handy. I make sure to keep one on hands at all times

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    love the lighter. Especially when it comes to barbecuing and lighting candles. I hate burning my finger with short lighters.

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  • spindrift By  spindrift    

    In 2012 our town was struck by Hurricane Sandy. For 9 days we had no electricity (& no heat.) We safely placed candles everywhere, and this lit them. A competitor's model did not work as well. It also lit the gas stove, and we cooked for our neighbors, sometimes using the food from their freezer. Keep these around-they work.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    These work well and last a long time. We use them to light our grill. They are inexpensive as well and we get them super-cheap because we go to Big Lots to buy ours in bulk whenever we have a % off coupon!

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  • theiss58 By  theiss58    

    Love these lighters we always have two or three on hand. Keep one outside for grill and firepit, another in kitchen for lighting birthday candles and all those hard to reach areas like hot water tank and jar candles. They last forever and are very sturdy!

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  • Lottie729 By  Lottie729    

    I absolutely love these lighters and was so happy to this as part of this month's box. I have been using these since I moved into my new apt in a very old building (NYC) and after one year, I am only on my second lighter which was purchased maybe 3 months ago, so these go a long way. They are easy to use and the long nozzle is great for candles.

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  • jessb7 By  jessb7    

    My favorite lighter! Long-lasting and well constructed. I keep one of these on top of my refrigerator (and always have a backup) and use it everyday for lighting candles, and lighting our fire pit in cooler weather. Great stocking stuffers too! So glad to see a coupon for one of these in my Cravebox! Thank you!

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  • socialzigi By  socialzigi    

    These lighters are handy and well-built. Great for when the pilot light in my stove goes out and for lighting a grill, candles, lanterns, etc... I always keep a spare around as well!

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