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  • Jmigli By  Jmigli    

    Drugstore Perfume

    It's a scent like All the other drugstore scents. Cheaply made. Smells OK. Nothing to brag about.

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  • HazelBeltran5 By  HazelBeltran5    

    for me its a bit to strong but beyonce has some other amazing perfumes.

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  • BronzedPrincess123 By  BronzedPrincess123    

    This is a very strong, cheap smelling fragrance. I got this as a gift and I hate it.

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  • EbbyLaster By  EbbyLaster    

    I use this every blue moon, a little too sweet for me.

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  • kuananysha By  kuananysha    

    I very lady like perfume

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  • mariel614 By  mariel614    

    Smells too strong and cheap. Hate this scent!

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  • deedoesmakeup By  deedoesmakeup    

    I was given this as a gift & the scent is just not for me.Wayyyy to strong & just not me.

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  • raqueta By  raqueta    

    I received this as a gift from my sister and I AM IN LOVE WITH HEAT!! I love it I love it I love it. Go and buy this NOW

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  • CindyF By  CindyF    

    I did not care for this scent at all. It is way to sweet and cheap smelling. Lucky for me it didn't last very long either

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  • newwilson By  newwilson    

    love it :)

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  • sashaa49 By  sashaa49    

    My best friend bought me the gift set for Xmas last year, I love it... It smells so good I always get complements I want it again this year :-)

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