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  • anw2207 By  anw2207    

    I am a huge Beyonce fan! I love this album Run the world is still one of my favorite songs. She is very empowering for women.

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  • kaeh27 By  kaeh27    

    I am very passionate about beyonce and this album is amazing her vocal range and ability is quite incredible Beyoncé is the queen and she keeps proving that with every album she puts out!

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  • iwanttospeak By  iwanttospeak    

    Great songs and Beyonce is just wonderful, all around!

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  • JustRebecca By  JustRebecca    

    Love this album.....Favorite songs on this album are Love On Top ,Best Thing I Never Had and Run The World (Girls). This album has something for everyone young and old.

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  • Sweetlydel By  Sweetlydel    

    Awesome! I think Beyonce has exceeded her own expectations for this album.

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  • adoy128 By  adoy128    

    This is an amazing album... it grew on me, each day that i listened to it... its very empowering and just gets you in the mood.

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  • benson0892 By  benson0892    

    This is an amazing album I think all women would love this beautiful and empowering comeback album by Beyonce she "stuck her foot" in this one lol!!!!! GO BEYONCE!

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