Bertolli  Frozen Pasta Meals

Bertolli Frozen Pasta Meals

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Not nice Really nasty. The sauce is wierd tasting and those sausages need work. Greasy tasting. Not recommended at all.

high quality A little more pricey, but for frozen pasta dinners this is quite satisfying.

Love it Favorite go to when I don't feel like cooking!!! And no guilt leftover!!

Go to for Quick delicious For-filling dinner This is our late night go to when we've been Running errands all day and get home late with no time to really sit down and prep and cook a meal with throw one of these in a skillet couple of minutes and we?re having a yummy fulfilling dinner it even has vegetables in it and my daughter doesn't seem to mind.The shrimp scampi is my personal favorite.

So good I love Bertolli Frozen Pasta Meals. Especially on a cold day where I don't feel like cooking. These really seem to do the trick!

Great last minute meals We keep these in our freezer for those days when we?re just too tired to prep and cook. They?re delicious and so simple and quick to make- my kids love them too.

Quick easy and delicious, recently have had 2 major back surgeries and these meals have made my life so much easier!!! Can be a bit pricey unless you find them on sale

Lifesaver for tired Moms I have to keep my deep freezer stocked with these, they are so so tasty and are a lifesaver for when life is just too busy. And it is often with children. Plus they taste like you cooked it from scratch.

Quick Yet Delicious These are actually really good. There are one or two that I'm not a big fan of. The others that I do love are enjoyable. It is quick and easy to prepare if I'm in a rush or not much time before bed.

The most authentic freezer meal of this type! Full of flavor and my family was unable to distinguish these meals from a home cooked version! Def my favorite!!!!

AMAZING! Just wish it was cheaper and more of it in the bag.

I love these. They taste great and all you do is heat and serve. They are a little pricey but tasty. I usually only cook these if its just for my husband and I. We are a family of 5 so I would need to buy 3 packs to feed us all which is too costly.

Perfect for those nights you don't have a lot of time to cook...or just not in the mood! Come in various flavors. They are a little pricey so I only buy them when my grocery store has them BOGO free!

My husband loves the taste. He is a very fussy eater. I find it so easy to make.

Depends on the flavor you get, I have had some that very good and some not so great. That being said they are not bad when you want a quick meal