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  • DewGirl By  DewGirl    

    Delicious and Addicting

    Aldi can do it right! These cookies are delicious...smooth, rich chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy peanut butter...doesn't get any better than that! Reasonably priced cookie that is better than the name brands!

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  • MSLaub By  MSLaub    

    So good!

    These taste just as good as the brand sold by scouts but are a lot cheaper and available year-round! The creamy peanut butter with the crisp wafer, all covered in chocolate - YUM!!!

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  • catnip1222 By  catnip1222    

    Aldi knows how to do knockoffs right!

    These are as good as the "real thing" and they are inexpensive because that's how Aldi does things!

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    Meet your latest cookie obsession

    This cookie is one of the best I've had anywhere, and you can only get it at Aldi's. The chocolate is the perfect texture (so smooth!), and has the right balance of sweetness without being too much. They are highly addictive.

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Got milk?

    This is one of my two absolute favorites from Aldi. If you like a certain chocolate covered peanut butter-filled cookie that is sold briefly beginning in February each year, you owe it to yourself to try these! They are positively addictive: creamy milk chocolate, just the right amount of peanut butter, and a delightfully crisp cookie base. They are packed in a tray that cradles each cookie to prevent breakage. And the tray is resealable. HA! Are there ever leftovers? Plus, Aldi has a terrific money-back satisfaction guarantee on the off chance you don't love them.

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