Benefits of Socially Conscious Shopping with Brittany Henley VanMatre

SheSpeaksTeam    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Dec 14, 2021

In this episode, we welcome Brittany Henley VanMatre, Founder of Spin&Give, a way to shop celebrity closets and extend the lifespan of clothing and accessories. Growing up and working in the entertainment industry, Brittany saw the need & opportunity to address reuse and recycling when it came to clothing. In this episode, Brittany shares what inspired her to start the company, and how her long-time friend, Eva Longoria, helped her get started. Brittany shares how Spin&Give works to keep clothes/accessories out of landfills. She also gives us some surprising statistics about the waste the fashion industry can generate and the cost to the environment.

Episode Highlights: 

[1:00] Brittany shares what inspired her to start her company Spin&Give.

[8:58] How Spin&Give works to keep clothes out of landfills and give back to those in need. 

[11:03] Learn about  the challenges with donating clothes to some large organizations

[16:53] Brittany shares how younger generations motivate her to learn more about sustainability.

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