Bausch & Lomb Biotrue multi purpose solution

Bausch & Lomb Biotrue multi purpose solution

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Super comfortable for eyes This is the best solution I have used so far. It doesn't hurt the eyes at all and cleans the lenses well.

This is my daughters favorite for her contacts. In fact it is the only one she can use without it bothering her eyes.

My number one go to contact solution This has truly been the best contact solution for my sensitive eyes. It conditions, disinfects, cleans and removes protein daily. It's very easy to use and is soothing on my eyes.

Comfortable Solution After trying this product, it is now my go to contact solution. I find my eyes feel refreshed longer and not quite as dry.

The only contact lens solution I use My optometrist even recommends buying and using Biotrur . I haven't had a problem with this lens solution . I've been using it for a few years now and I highly recommend .

Easy to use This is my go to when traveling Easy to use product that lasts long throughout the day

A must for my hubby This is my husbands go to eye solution. He had been through many of contact solutions and this one does not irritate his eye, sting or make them feel ?weird.? It lubricants all day .

Great value! This is the only contact solution I have ever used. No need to try others when this one works so well and is by far the best value!!

Perfect This is the only contact solution that I have ever used because it works so well. I wouldn't want to buy any other solution.

I've used Bausch and Lomb Bio True ever since I've had contacts! It's very gentle and true to your eyes own lubrication. I love it and won't use anything else!

Dry eye I don't have contacts, but use this for my dry eye and it works really well. I don't have 50 characters to add.

Comfortable contacts for hours I've been using Biotrue exclusively for years. It's so gentle on my contacts that I don't even notice I'm wearing them.

The Best! The best and most refreshing! So much better than the store brand I had been using!

Best Contact Solution I love this contact solution. After I found this, I've never bought any other kind. It works great and lasts all day long. It really helps keep your eyes feeling moisturized. I absolutely recommend this product.

Best Contact Solution Great solution for my contact lenses! I have sensitive eyes and don't wear much makeup, change my contacts every 14 days. This solution keeps contacts clean and fresh.