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  • Jmalinowsky By  Jmalinowsky    

    Wonderful product. Finally a makeup remover that is specifically designed for the eyes that works wonders.

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  • kbpixler By  kbpixler    

    I love these for on the go touch ups. If you are heading from work to another event, you can quickly clean up any make up needed from during the day.

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  • OneNoGirl By  OneNoGirl    

    A little pricey for what they do - but I bought as part of a set/deal and they've come in really handy when I've been a gorilla while putting make up on. They've very effective for cleaning up mascara when I've been too eager with the wand. These are convenient for travel, hygienic if you're doing someone else's make up and are accurate for general touch ups.

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  • ajwatkins78 By  ajwatkins78    

    Love love love this product! Easily removes my make up quickly and convenient for fixing little mistakes such as getting mascara off my skin!

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  • Kle0930 By  Kle0930    

    These are amazing. Perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse. They are dry and you snap the middle of q tip to release the makeup remover. They are perfect size for cleaning up mistakes or cleaning entire eye

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  • adrilov18 By  adrilov18    

    I really like this product. I find myself only needing 1 towel for both eyes even when i put on so much make up. It also leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

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  • rhalaszynski By  rhalaszynski    

    Great product! I use it after applying my mascara, it instantly takes off any mascara on my eyelid. I also use it for any touch ups, such as running eyeliner.

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  • Tiwh77 By  Tiwh77    

    I have been keeping these in my purse for years. I am sad when I don't have them with me . I wear contacts and my eye makeup smudges these are great and work on all types of brands. The price is great also.

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  • ShayDenZayne By  ShayDenZayne    

    I love these. I take them everywhere with me. They look kinda like q-tips cotton swabs And they are gentle, so no irritating your eyes or anything. I like them for little touch ups when I'm out for the day our night. They are very effective, gets all the hard/waterproof eye makeup off .

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