Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

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Perfect registry gift I love the Baby K'Tan! Makes life so much easier when you have a baby that loves to snuggle.

Not as simple as it looks. I was so excited to get this carrier for my newborn and it wasn't as easy as it looked. It got twisted up easily in the back and the fabric was super thick compared to other wraps. I liked that it was one piece but I wish that the back could stay a bit more in place as it would help the ease and comfort level.

Favorite baby carrier! I used the baby k'tan with my oldest and have started using it with my newborn. I love how easy it is to use, the website is also user friendly. No matter how fussy my oldest was, as soon as I put her in the baby k'tan she calmed down almost immediately! As if that wasn't enough, the carrier is easy to clean and their customer service is very friendly. Great company and great product! I highly recommend it!

Great soft carrier I had this as well as an Ergo Baby with both of my kids. I liked the K'Tan for grocery shopping and other errands where I wanted to be able to quickly and easily get my baby in a carrier. I also liked that the K'Tan has many different ways to carry the baby. I used it until my son was 2 because of the hip carry option.

I like how simple this carrier is, but you have to get the sizing right. I happen to be in between in sizes so when I got it, it seemed a little loose and I felt uneasy about how secure our daughter was while carrying her. If the sizing is the right fit for you, I imagine it'd be a great carrier.

LOVE LOVE THIS I would not have been able to do life with a newborn and 3 other kids without this. Ktan is the best carrier for a newborn baby. The only thing bad is they are sized so made to fit one person to carry the baby but since they stretch and tighten back up me and my husband both used ours. I promise this was my most used item when my babies were little.

I love the idea of this carrier but my baby never seems to be able to get comfortable. She has be carried in it a few times with out having a freak out but most the time she cries and sounds like she's trying to break out! She is 3 months now and I think she might enjoy it more once she is a little bigger. I hope she does because I really like the wrap concept!

My baby screamed blood murder the couple times I put him in this. It is also pretty uncomfortable, especially compared to other brands

Two words- LIFE SAVER. My little guy was born preemie and always wanted to be snuggled. The first month we were in the hospital but when we got home he made it to about 6 lbs and this carrier was a serious blessing. I bought about 5 carriers and this one was PERFECT for my little preemie guy. I don't know what I would of done without it.

I liked this a lot when my baby wasn't as heavy. Now that he is 6 months and 20lbs I need to invest in a different carrier. It doesn't support the weight of my chunky baby like it use to. It starts to stretch and sag because my baby is so heavy. But overall I like it!

I love mine! I have the breeze, in white. My little one is 15 months and i still use it for her when she really wants to be held and i have a list of things that have to get done.she willbe in it only a short period of time before she falls asleep.

I really wanted to like this carrier and gave it many chances to tug at my heart strings but it just never worked out for me. It seems like it was made for newborn babies, but that was the age where I felt my child was too small to be in it and needed a more unrestricted and open space for breathing. As my child got older the wrap felt loose. I thought I was putting it on wrong and I carefully followed the product instructions online to only get at the same results.

I bought this for my LO when he was 3 months, but it didn't work for us. My LO is a chunky little thing and it didn't seem as if he had much space to even wiggle. I experimented with all the different ways to carry the baby, but none seem to appease my child or myself. I did love the fact that it was a easy and quick to put on and take off, and the fact that the extra strap acted as a pouch to carry it was also another bonus. However this does not give you the lower back support you need for an older or heavy baby. I think this would best suit a newborn baby.

I found this wrap very uncomfortable! My shoulders always hurt while wearing it and I was always nervous that when I leaned forward my baby would fall out.. It takes a little while to figure out how to get it on right. The best part of this carrier is that it folds up small enough you can just keep it in the diaper bag.

This wrap is great when you are looking for the moby experience byut don't have time to tie on a moby. I agree with March 07, it does stretch out quickly and needs to be washed every 2 days or so.