Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

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Stroller If you live in a city this is the best stroller for the bumpy roads. It?s easy to fold and carry. Grows with kid as well. Sometimes we put our 8 year old special needs son in it and it still rides so smooth.

Perfect Stroller I needed a jogger stroller for our recent camping trip and my sister kindly gave me her old one. It completely changed the stroller game for me! It is extremely fluid when it moves and it folds and unfolds super easy. It takes up little room when folded. It has a great canopy and decent storage. I highly recommend.

Great investment Okay I love this stroller. I purchase the GT for my second child because of the extra durability of the tires. The height is a bit higher as well. This stroller folds easy, stores well and maneuvers great. I love the extended canopy on the sunny days as well as the adjustability of the seats. My first child enjoyed this as does my second. I like that I can wash it when dirty although that's a bit cumbersome at times. Overall, you definitely get what you pay for. If you're thinking about another child in 2 to 4 years, keep this. It'll save you even more money. It also has attachments for the car seat for the newborns. A great buy!! Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller in Teal.

Folds so small and flat! My husband and I own the 4 wheeled version of this stroller and we love it. We bought this stroller because our ordinal stroller took up so much room in our car that there was never room for anything else. We couldn't take it with us on trips to see family because it was so large. This city mini hands so flat and small that we have plenty of room for everything else we need to travel. Even though we have two kids now and own a double stroller, this stroller is still our go to when we need extra space in the car!

Wonderful light weight stroller. LOVE the one hand fold up system, makes it so easy while holding baby or groceries. Accommodates almost all carseats with the adapter and is very easy to attach seat. It also has a nice sized storage compartment in the bottom that fits the diaper bag so I don't have to carry it. I would love a cup holder, I know you can purchase them separately.

After trying various of strollers we liked this one the best. Our little boy has been in it since he was a newborn and he is now 8 months old. Absolutely love this one. We have it in red color which works well for both genders. It's easy to move it around anywhere and very easy to fold.

I love this stroller. It's light weight, easy to fold, sleek looking and smooth riding. I would recommend it to anyone to use. It folds small to fit into any car space too! The cons to it would be the storage basket is small and I can to get a storage system for cups/phone holding. It's super easy to navigate with one hand I LOVE IT!!

This is amazing! I LOVE this stroller!!! It is the easiest to fold up. The canopy is huge. It moves so easily. It can go up curbs, over stones, and over bumps without any problem. If there is any downside, its that you have to buy accessories separately. But it's not enough of a reason to make me like it any less. We've also taken it to Disney World and it was no problem on the plane or taking it anywhere.

Looks good. I want one.

I love this the best super light and easy..

This is the PERFECT jog stroller for my lifestyle. I am not a runner by any means but I can slowly jog and I like having a stroller with bigger wheels and good steering to take the park. This stroller is IT! It maneuvers SO well and has a surprising amount of storage. I did have to order a snack tray separately which was a little annoying but I love the stroller overall.

Overall, I think this stroller is great. It has better features and is more comfortable for my son than an umbrella stroller, but is still fairly small and maneuverable. The canopy is amazing, really protects from sun and light rain. It goes up and down curbs in my neighborhood easily and can even go over gravel and packed dirt paths. The best part is how easy it is to fold and stow. I can hold my son in one arm and fold the stroller and get it into the trunk of the car with the other! My one complaint is that the cargo area under the seat is a little small. It is hard to get my diaper bag down there, so I usually end up hanging it off the stroller handle (which the manufacturer says not to do). If there was a little more cargo room, this would be the perfect stroller.

I actually sell the Baby Jogger City Mini. I love this stroller because it is lightweight, making it great for travel. Has an easy fold, making it perfect to hold baby in one arm and fold the stroller with the other. It also functions like a full service stroller giving you plenty of storage underneath and a great recline for sleepy kids. There will be a new City Mini GT which will be introduced February, 2012 that will give you all terrain mini tires...

Best stroller ever! We went through three strollers before getting this one. We rented it while at WDW and fell in love so when we got home we bought one of our own. Now with two kids there was no question that we would upgrade to a double.

I have the double and I absolutely love it, I was really worried I would have a hard time getting through doors and isles, but we haven't met a door we cant fit through . I did not like the belly bar and tray, the tray never stayed where I put it. But the stroller 5 star a all the way.