Baby Bullet Baby Care System

Baby Bullet Baby Care System

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You will get your money's worth! I can write a whole book about how awesome this baby bullet has been! I was gifted it 4 years ago with my first baby and I used it so much. Now I'm using it with my second baby and it still works just as good as it did when I first got it. In between babies I would still use it for my smoothies or to blend single portions for soups etc. I love that it can be thrown in the dishwasher but even washing it by hand is easy. I really like the silicone freezer tray as it doesn't stain or retain any smells. The portion cups are great as they have a secure closure and doesn't spill. I really don't have any complaints. I highly recommend this product.

Trusted brand This is a perfect gift for my new mom friends. I like all the parts and it works so well for making baby food.

Baby Bullet The Baby Bullet is perfect for making baby their first meals in bulk. It's nice to know exactly what baby is getting. The book provided is extremely helpful as it assist you with the different stages and what to offer.

I was given this as a gift for my 4th child and I used it for my 5th and 6th and still have it. I loved making them fresh baby food and they loved eating it. Never used store bought baby after having this.

Buy it I've done a lot of research on which blender to buy. The Nuby one seemed to have a better quality along with other features. It comes with a 22 piece set including cookbook, food container, spatula, etc. A much better value than the others. I ended up buying this for my grandchild who stays with me often. I prefer healthy home cooking, not baby food in a can. The cookbook has some nice recipes. After a couple of weeks of extensive use, it's proven to last. I'm completely happy with it.

I love it❤, making my baby's food other than buying it is really great !!👌

MUST HAVE My son is starting pureed foods and i LOVE this, my mom gifted it to me. It's perfect, the little individual cups actually have dates at the top and you turn the top to indicate which date the food was made, so there's no guessing. Everything cleans up easily and it's nice and compact.

A must! This was so easy to use! I loved using it to make my child homemade baby food. So easy to store also!

Handy and Useful What a neat little blender. And so handy too for lots of uses!

Worth it! I bought mine off of FB marketplace used. Best money I ever spent. I'm on kid #2 and the blender works great 100% of the time. SO nice knowing what is going in my baby's food!

Baby food made easy and with love This makes homemade baby food a breeze! I absolutely love making my own baby food and these set gives you everything you need. The storage cups are the cutest and easiest way to store in freezer or refrigerator. The date dial really helps too.

If your are a new mom, you need this! When you are having a baby this baby bullet is a must have! This is also a must gave gift for moms to be!

Awesome!! This is the best thing ever if you want to make your own baby food!! You know what's in it and it's super easy and it comes with recipes!!

Using this as my own now Tbh I use this for EVERYTHING! For a baby food blender it's surprisingly better than my husband's expensive one. I can grind coffee grounds (wash it of course) then bring oatmeal, etc. It lasts FOREVER

I got this when I was pregnant with my daughter, along with the steamer and extra storage containers and love it all! It makes it much easier to make baby food in bulk and freeze until it is needed. Personally, my baby loves homemade applesauce and steamed carrots. There are a lot of pieces, but well worth it in the long run if you are wanting something healthy and homemade for your little one. I used this even after my daughter stopped baby food.