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  • liveloveinflucence By  liveloveinflucence    

    Would not recommend.

    Cheap Quality razors. You will be more prone to accidentally cut yourself while shaving.

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  • Tayler05 By  Tayler05    

    It?s decent

    Very decent disposable razor, does get clogged easily. Good for two to three uses if kept dry between use.

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  • warrent23 By  warrent23    

    I dont like this razor

    I dont like these razors they leave me with all kinds of cuts when I use them

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  • MovieFan1976 By  MovieFan1976    

    My favorite choice by far outstanding

    Oh my God what a fantastic product I've been using this brand for years I'm never disappointed a must have for women everywhere

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  • Girlfan1986 By  Girlfan1986    

    Closest shave I've ever had

    These are my favorite brand by far they're outstanding they stay sharp longer than most razors gives you a closer shave than some five blade products affordable quality is fantastic my legs stayed smoother for longer it made my skin silky soft does a great job at expholiating and cleaning the skin too I'd recommend this to women everywhere I'd rave about it to anyone who'll listen

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Sweet Razor

    Love this brand gets every hair makes shaving easier much better than the generic single blade razors last longer than I expected rinses fast no clogging

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  • Herfun1986 By  Herfun1986    

    Highly recommend

    Works as well if not better than most razors I've tried nice clean smooth shave gets every hair would buy this again

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  • Jls0601 By  Jls0601    

    Decent razor

    They actually work ok but the get clogged up a lot. They get dull after the first use and you have to buy more. All in all they are pretty good for their price.

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  • JasminBV By  JasminBV    

    This razors are nice and cheap the price is really good actually if you find a good coupon can get them for free but they don't last long and don't go on skin has soft has other razors.

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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    

    My favorite razors in the world. They have 4 blades and it leaves your skin feeling so smooth. The shave is much closer than the 3 blades

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  • 16chrisk By  16chrisk    

    Love It

    I love using these razors! They keep my skin feeling smooth and It keeps my skin feeling hydrated. Also, these razors lat longer than any other one that i have used

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  • teeniegeenie By  teeniegeenie    

    give a great, smooth shave!

    Even when these are old and more dull (i.e. the one I leave at my parents' house for when i go visit there), I notice every time how much smoother my legs feel than when i use the razors at my own house! I am really surprised the reviews for this don't give it more stars! I love them!

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  • apctoolshed By  apctoolshed    

    Great razor

    I really enjoyed this razor it has a great lavish set of blades where it provides fear of cuts gone. It's very inexpensive compared to other razors as well.

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  • Abagailfreestuff By  Abagailfreestuff    

    These keep you legs smooth for several days, however you should moisturize with a good lotion after, or your subjected to major irritation and dry skin.

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  • Kislam97 By  Kislam97    

    These are not the best kind of razors, but if you have to use them. There needs to be some sort of gel or cream.

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