Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

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One of the best phones I love this phone, it was defiantly sturdy and durable, it had a nice size to and it was thicker so you always know where it was compared to the new models were its so thin that you can lose it in seconds.

This was my favorite iPhone This was my favorite iPhone. It was as sturdy as a brick. I liked the smaller screen. I used mine for 3 years. Only got a new phone because this one was stolen!

I personally did not enjoy my iPhone 4s. It had small glitches often and Siri turned on by itself at times. I have since switched to Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and have had no problems whatsoever. I suppose some people just prefer Samsung over Apple.

Not the most up to date version, but still works very well.

love apple products so much. i currently have the iphone 6 plus and wouldn't change it for anything but the 4s is just a great.. just smaller.

I had this phone for about three years and I loved it. I can't remember how many times I dropped it and it never broke. The only reason I upgraded was because I changed carriers and I might as well get a newer model since I had to get a new phone anyway

perfect phone to have

Great phone when it first came out. The camera improved a lot from the 3GS to the 4 & 4s. Everything worked perfectly and was fast moving. The battery was terrible though and needed to charge a few times during the day.

Its an awesome product with great camera, processor & off course IOS5. Its the best phone anyone can have. Siri still need work.

I love my phone! Iphone6 comes out soon!

I don't have a smartphone right now but as soon as I get a new service I will be using my iPhone 4S. My husband had the phone for a couple years and I started using it a few months ago. It's the best. I'm looking for the best deal right now where I can use my exsisting phone because I'm not going to be changing any time soon.

Apple has the best products for electronics on the market today!

I have the 4S and I switched from a droid, before that I went from a non smart phone non texting phone. Gasp! I never saw what all the hype was about. Now I am not sure I could live without it. Before I could not live without my home computer. Now my IPhone 4S is my home computer. It is a bit odd to be able to carry around all this information right at my fingertips at any given moment. How can you ever forget something? Love my IPhone..

I had one of these apples 4s and I loved it sooo much but ther is one problem that ther is no battery to take it and take it bake to solve some issues that I was had withe it

No complaints...very happy...was a blackberry user for years...this is a better fit for both my personal and professional uses