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  • Tchettt By  Tchettt    

    Softest tp around!!

    Angel soft is the only tp I use! I don?t think I?ll ever change from this brand. High quality, soft, and huge roles!! My kids love it too!

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  • azerohero By  azerohero    

    AngelSoft in the gym

    Decent product. We own a small gym and of course the members go through TP like it grows on trees! HAHA.

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  • MelindaWebb By  MelindaWebb    

    Angel soft is great product

    Love this product great money for the value...I do not like the scented toilet paper tho. If you have sensitive skin go with the original scent less

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  • tritri12 By  tritri12    


    Love love love angel soft it is safe and best for your sewage system

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  • gmoney1951 By  gmoney1951    

    does the job

    I have always used a different brand.... but during COVID I ended up with a pack of Angel Soft Bath Tissue. It does the job and the price is right

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  • MayWww By  MayWww    

    Soft and comfy, does the job right. We have a brand to go all year round but we do grab this one from time to time when see a good deal.

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  • KatieJones By  KatieJones    

    Great value

    I buy this all of the time because it is great quality, yet one of the cheaper brands. You are getting a wonderful value with this.

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  • kgummybear By  kgummybear    

    Nice paper

    Good paper. Not too thick. The texture is nice and it gets the job done. I feel like these rolls last quite a while as well.

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  • Tessaxreann By  Tessaxreann    

    My favorite

    Soft and beat bargain for the price always have and will use

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  • Babsalot By  Babsalot    

    Only Toilet Paper Allowed Here

    Seriously, my husband refuses to use any other toilet paper and i used to try to find great deals on other brands and bring them home and it didnt ever fly. Now its all i buy which is fine because its a wuality toilet paper that isnt expensive. The rolls last a long time. Its thick enough and absorbent enough that you can use minimal amount each time. Its usually on sale at krogers plus digital coupon available so i get it even cheaper that way. Im not near as picky as my other half but ive gotten used to the angel soft and i wouldnt want to switch

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  • KeishaGalmm By  KeishaGalmm    

    This is all I buy for my home, it's very affordable and thick.

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    soft and strong

    This is pretty much the only toilet paper I buy. It is very soft and strong and works well. It is also very affordable.

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  • Kaleycasner1986 By  Kaleycasner1986    

    I use this tp

    This is what i use in my household and think high get your monies worth when buying this product. Its good quality for the price

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  • AllieMoje By  AllieMoje    

    Great for sensitive skin!

    Such an amazing product. I love this for my sensitive skin!

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  • Hunt29 By  Hunt29    

    Anything but soft

    My grandmother always bought this brand and we all hated it. It's the thinnest roughest paper you could buy. It actually reminds me of the cheap stuff in public restrooms.

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