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  • destinymae123 By  destinymae123    

    Loveeeeee this!!! I got one for a friend for Christmas and returned to get my own

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  • Annab786 By  Annab786    

    Smooth velvety

    I love the colors on this palette. They are smooth and velvety. I love how it feels on my eyes. The color pay off is great!

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  • anarebca By  anarebca    

    Must have!!

    This palette should be in everyone?s drawer!! Your go to! Literally has all the colors you need for an everyday look, can be used for highlight, has great ranges for natural yet sophisticated looks! Love it!!

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  • BigLipLouise By  BigLipLouise    


    I really like the colors of this palate! It?s a supper soft velvet textured eyeshadow and it have has great pigment. I learned with the shimmers wetting the brush is a MUST with all Anastasia pallets. But has amazing quality, worth the buy!

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  • karenalfarob By  karenalfarob    

    Versatile Palette

    I love my Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette! It's colors are vibrant and very pigmented. You can use for an all night dramatic look or for a neutral all day look all in one palette.

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  • susielynn By  susielynn    


    I love these selected colors, I would love to try this at any given chance I could get, one of my favorites.

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  • angeliquep12 By  angeliquep12    

    Worth the money.

    This product is everything!! I love the color scheme that's going on. You can use this palette for any occasion because the colors are so versatile. You can do a soft look or a look for a night out on the town. It is a great gift for a friend or loved one thats enjoys makeup.

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  • Tessakerecman By  Tessakerecman    

    Highly pigmented beautiful shades

    One of the best pigmented palettes I've ever tried

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  • Abbadabbs By  Abbadabbs    

    Must have!

    This palette reminds me a little of the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. The Modern Renaissance palette has always survived when I declutter my eyeshadow palettes. It's a palette you can use for day or night looks. I reach for it all the time, especially when I am short on time or stuck for ideas and not feeling inspired. I know I can always create a pulled together easy look. It blends well and the shadows last. It's a staple in my everyday makeup draw.

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  • Brookep696 By  Brookep696    


    Anastasia Beverly Hills has some of the best shadows available. The colors and pigment are gorgeous while the shadows go on and blend like a dream

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  • justrelaxing By  justrelaxing    

    This is one of my many pallettes, i pick this one to be the top of my everyday looks.

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  • maranosierra18 By  maranosierra18    

    Amazing palette

    Amazing is all I really can say ! This palette is incredibly pigmented and is super great to wear and it all doesn?t come off very quick like some other palettes do ! All shades are amazing

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  • Blindlyhonestly By  Blindlyhonestly    

    Favorite Anastasia Eyeshadow palette

    Such a fun palette, I feel like the colors are very rich and buttery and apply evenly without much fallout. The shades blend together to create amazing looks and for the price of the palette, you get a lot out of it. I've had this palette for almost a year now and it is the palette I grab most when doing my makeup.

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  • MoxieLady53 By  MoxieLady53    


    I LOVE this palette. The colors are suitable for any skin tone and eye color. The wide selection of colors gives you endless eye shadow look possibilities. From all natural everyday to dramatic night looks, this palette has you covered. Not to mention how AMAZING the buttery shadows blend. Use a big fluffy blending brush and you barley have to do any work. I haven't even mentioned the pigmentation. Just dip your finger into Love Letter and that alone will BLOW you away. As a makeup artist this is a palette that I recommend to all my clients, friends, and family. It might be a little steep in price, but its worth every penny. It lasts for a decent amount of time, so it is well worth the money. This is one of the only palettes I would re-purchase because it is the HOLY GRAIL makeup palette, I cant live without it, I use it in pretty much all of my makeup looks. Grab this and you'll be looking like a Instagram baddie in no time girls.

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  • Friesgirl By  Friesgirl    

    every day pallet

    I purchased this pallet way after the hype but regretted not getting it sooner! I have so far created 6 different looks and am very impressed with the versatility of the shades. There is a little bit of fallout but the texture of the shadows and the pigment can easily make it worth it. They are soft and creamy and very pigmented but blend like a dream.

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