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  • talyabandary By  talyabandary    

    One of my favorite stores!

    Always has such an excellent selection of clothing. Their jeans and shorts always fit me best. As someone who is 5/2 and petite, I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me without being baggy but AE always is reliable. Also, their shirts are SUPER soft and comfortable. Their quality never fails. I feel like I am paying for good quality and not for cheap materials. AE will always be my favorite store to shop at!

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  • Ilovemycats2 By  Ilovemycats2    

    Great quality jeans!

    Great Jeans! But their shirts are soo big! I am petite and dont wear such big shirts! But i love their jeans!! They fit well!

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  • Sociallyt By  Sociallyt    

    PPE masks and gloves in American eagle

    You will be required to wear a mask in the store. However, no worries if you ?forgot? yours. In the front of the store they have complementary masks AND GLOVES. Additionally, they have spray hand sanitizer. You?re protected, employees protected. If you choose to wear the gloves, you will be protected from all surface areas and transferring to surfaces. As well. Props to AE for the love and care they give to all of us!

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    

    I like this brand but the price is too high.

    They have the cutest things ever however the price is not worth it I find myself only shopping clearance. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because I love the jeans! I will only buy my jeans from here.

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  • mybluefairy By  mybluefairy    

    Really terrible clothes Good jeans but expensive.

    American Eagle has really gone downhill over the past few years. At first I thought I was just getting too old for their brand but I asked some other people and they agree. The clothes all look like they came from Goodwill. They are used looking, wrinkled and do not look very nice at all. The only good thing about American Eagle anymore is their jeans. They do still make high quality, well fitting jeans but they are so expensive! I understand if you have only one good thing you want to make money off of it, but the prices are just ridiculous. And when they do finally go on clearance, they have sizes 0 and 18 left. That's it. So. I haven't been in an American Eagle store in a while for this reason. I look online every once in a while, but they haven't improved. Very sad because it used to be a really nice store. I don't know if someone else has taken over in the past couple of years or what but their product is trash.

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  • Lpiantedosi18 By  Lpiantedosi18    

    They have a ton of cute jeans, but not very many in my size. It would be nice if they had more petite pants in stock in store, so that I don?t have to try on for the size and then go home and order them in a short online.

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  • justmarried811 By  justmarried811    

    Great prices, great quality

    Absolutely LOVE this store. Great prices, great quality. My entire closet is filled with basically just AE or Aerie clothes. I usually buy most of the products online because I can usually find better prices but even when I shop in store I always find at least one thing that I love.

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  • mmaustin2008 By  mmaustin2008    

    I buy American Eagle clothes for my children. They love them. Every time I have been in their stores they are having sales. I did however just find out if you sign up for their reward card (free) you can earn points, if you Buy 5 jeans, get 1 free, and other offers.

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  • Rahne92 By  Rahne92    

    Great Jeans, but That's About It

    While their prices are always a little higher, this is the only place I have shopped for jeans in the past five years. Their jeans always fit the best, have the best cuts, are more comfortable by FAR, and - up until I got pregnant - this was the only store that had 00 jeans that were ACTUALLY 00 and weren't really 0/1 and too big. And their jeans have always been very durable. I give four stars for the jeans alone, plus I've gotten some cute dresses from here and they last FOREVER. I've had a few of them for three years. Their shirts and current dresses, however, leave a lot to be desired, and they got rid of the Artist flare jeans and now those are available online only, which is why I'm only giving this four stars instead of five.

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  • TheCrazyLady By  TheCrazyLady    

    Awful store

    Maybe it is just me, but our local store is a joke. Overpriced clothing that runs incredibly small, and a store full of rude employees. I honestly would not shop here if I was paid to do so.

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  • britnyriker By  britnyriker    

    so comfy.

    comfy clothes, reasonable prices and awesome staff!

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    This store is expensive. It does have nice clothes and they are a higher quality, but with growing kids, I don't want to spend that kind of money for one season.

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  • j92311 By  j92311    

    One of my favorite stores to shop. The jeans are the best -comfort & style. They have a wide variety of washes and fits.

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  • sandrabrise By  sandrabrise    

    Most of my family's clothes come from AE. I love the clothes and quality, but I have figured that I have to be patient to avoid paying full price since many of their items are expensive. The best jeans I have ever owned come from here.

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  • princesspam By  princesspam    

    I love this store because it is affordable name brand clothing. I would always buy my boys their wardrobes there. The quality of their clothes is very good!

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