Always Discreet Ultra Thin Regular Liners

Always Discreet Ultra Thin Regular Liners

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Great Liners! These are great liners ladies! As embarrassing as it can be, after 3 kids I need these! I wear them everyday and they almost never fail me! The only thing I'd change about them is possibly an odor blocker? Other than that, which truly isn't a huge issue I just go threw more! I wouldn't change much about her! Always never really fails us ladies do they?

An excellent product This is an excellent brand that works very well with me

I have sensitive skin, and when u use these I sometimes get a bit irritated in that area. Idk if it's me or if it's the chemicals inside. I don't usually leak when using them so it's a toss up.

Great liner, but a double peel-off backing?? I've had the worst time trying to leave a review of this product on the Always site - the link never works! Anyway, I received a box of Always Discreet Ultra Thin Liners like most SheSpeaks members writing here. They're wonderful and dry, a nice smaller size. But, for heaven's sake, what's with the double paper peel-off backing? It took me a couple of liners to figure it out. This is unnecessary waste of paper and plastic - does this product really need a double backing that the user peels off anyway? Can't figure it out. That's why my review is 4 stars, I've taken off a star for the extra peel off layer that is simply thrown away. Hope the makers of Always see and realize this.

Great, for except for the adhesive I absolutely like these pads. They are really great. The only problem with these are the adhesive! They ruin the cotton lining of your panties. The adhesive leaves a permanent stain in the crotch area and is is very had to remove the adhesive. I am not sure if it is because it is so warm here in Texas. Otherwise I would have given them a 5 star rating!

Liners are great...I would like to have odor block and scented pads to feel confident...but non causing irratations

Recommend to anyone! I am very pleased with this product. Due to it being thin, I am able to put a lot of them in my purse without anyone knowing! They are very handy and I love them!

Always My go to brand, I guess that's why they are called always, I 'always' use them! So light you barely feel them which is something I look for in this product type. I do recommend

I absolutely love this product. Being someone with spotting issues before and after cycles, I needed something that I could feel confident wearing. The "ultra thin" part scared me at first, but then I realized I LOVED the fact that it was thin! I buy these in bulk when I can!

Winner Starting to give up on the whole panty liners gimmick, I reluctantly decided to give it one more go. This time i tried Always discreet liners.. and boy was I surprised. I forgot it was there, had no leaks, and actual odor protection. One liner that does do everything it says it will.. i consider this a definite win.

I usually prefer tampons to these, but they're super comfortable and I honestly didn't know I was wearing it.

I have been using Always brand since I can remember. I love the quality. Yea it might be a few dollars extra than other leading brands but I prefer quality over quantity.

Always Affordable comfortable ,love the product even started my daughter out on this one!!! A very good choic

Great Panty liners I like these as panty liners, they have a little extra in case you leak a little urine or from your period. Good to use with a tampon on period days.

5 stars! These are amazing, i used the threw the last 5 months on my pregnancy every day!