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  • AliciaMK By  AliciaMK    

    Love the moisture of this gloss. Not a big gloss person though. So the slight stickiness was a big nono. Plus the coloring was kinda milky

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  • TyliaJanei97 By  TyliaJanei97    

    I'm not big on gloss, but I bought one because I loved the color but it was super sticky and the swatched color on my lips was NOTHING like the packaging.

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  • elliemonge94 By  elliemonge94    

    I really love this gloss I have two of them and I use them on top of my lip color and it just gives my lips that something extra.

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  • flemingtessie By  flemingtessie    

    I have several of these colors and they're all beautiful. They are actually very mosturizing and the color is a beautiful shade that blends with your lip color. I would definitely recommend these.

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  • carlymj By  carlymj    

    I wear this "gloss" every day, I have it in blooming #600. This is the only lip product I always keep in my purse at all times except chapstick. I thought it was just a normal gloss when I purchased it, but its much thinner and not sticky. It soothes my lips while adding a slight tint and it smells amazing. I haven't tried the more vibrant colors, so I don't know if they would be more pigmented or not. I had sunburned lips, and this helped soothe them so much. It's also a great lipstick topper! I will definitely repurchase, and try out other colors as well.

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