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Good magazine but hard to find I love reading this magazine but it is hard to find in most stores. I don't like doing subscriptions to magazines since you usually only receive a few then the others get 'lost?.

affordable magazine This is a great magazine. I love the recipes and coupons. Great buy, cheap price!!

Love It This is a great magazine. Many helpful articles and recipes that I loe to try!

A Guilty Pleasure It's a mixed bag but there's usually an article or recipe or two that makes it worthwhile

recipe ideas Great magazine for recipes most are easy and quick

I loved this magazine. I wish it was still being published. I have to admit when I first subscribed there were tons and tons of coupons and over the years and especially right before they folded the coupons were slim to none. It still had great tips on saving money though.

Discontinued?? I thought this magazine was it back??

Love this magazine! Has lots of good helpful practical info and articles in it. It also has great coupons.

One of my favs! I love this magazine. It has everything from beauty, home, food, diy and more! It's also so inexpensive! I love getting it in the mail every month. One of my favs!

Love this magazine, I can read it cover to end all day

Great affordable informative magazine It's one of my favorite magazines. I've been published in it myself. Really inexpensive Lot's of great content, great coupons, recipes and more.

Love all the tips, recipes and coupons I this magazine.

I love this magazine! all the recipes and coupons and advice are awesome

Great concept, poor execution I wanted to like this magazine and bought a few when they first came out. I like the idea of coupons incorporated into a magazine with interesting articles, however this magazine does not meet my needs. I find the coupons are not for things that I would ever buy and there are fewer now than when the magazine first was published. The articles are also not as interesting to me as they were in the beginning. I feel there are better magazines on the market.

Great Mag! This is a great magazine. I love the recipes and coupons. Great buy, cheap price!!