Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser

Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser

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A must Works great for the bathroom! Scents are not too strong.

Too strong for me I was all over this product as soon as it hit the shelves. I thought it would be an amazing way to have my home smelling awesome. Unfortunately for me, I could not stand the smell or scent of these. I thought they were very strong even if I had them on the lowest setting they were bothersome to my nose. It could just be me because I think a lot of people enjoyed this product. So, I recommend trying it for yourself to find out if it's right for you.

Great better for you type product I love this product! Especially the apple scent. Love that I can control it with switch. Hope to try the lavender scent soon. all natural ingredients!

Love!!!! I discovered this product while browsing Walmart online for air freshener and glad I found it. The batteries that operate the freshener can go out pretty quickly but I really like this product. I feel it works best in small spaces so I keep it inside my walk in closet to keep it smelling fresh.

Leaves your home/room smelling good I have these all over the house, In the bathroom, hallway, living room & bedrooms. It leaves every room smelling wonderful. Just the other day my husband came home and said wow what did you do the house smells good everywhere.

Disappointing I was disappointed with this product. It worked for a short time but the essential oil would not diffuse unless i was holding it. I bought different styles of Airwick most diffuser and I had the same problem with everyone.

Great Fragrance for Your Home I love this product. It operates on a battery so doesn't need to be plugged in and you can move it anywhere in your house. It's compact and comes with a refill. It's is infused with essential oils so the scents are great. The refills last about 45 days and you could even fill the bottles with your own essential oil. It has 3 intensity selections so you can get the amount of fragrance just right. The scent fills the room and is great for larger rooms. Most fragrance products other than sprays only have enough fragrance to fill a small room. The price is very reasonable.