ABC Scrubs

ABC Scrubs

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Loved this show❤ My sister and me loved this show its heartwarming and hilarious. The hospital setting is very unqui and memorable. The acting is good and they have many big name celebrity guest stars. Had a blast watching through the whole show and when I rewatch it feels like seeing old friends again.

Love this show, it was hilarious. There were times when it was stupid but still funny

Loved this sitcom! It used to be on all the time. I wish they would bring back the reruns!

One of my all-time favorite TV shows. A great show to just chill out and watch

Great comedy while being mostly scientifically accurate. Great for relaxing

Ahh scrubs. What a great comedy show! I love it. If I am in the mood for something light and something to make me laugh this is the show. I was sad to see it end.

One of my favorite finales of a tv show. I loved this show and wish that they would have more reruns!

This is funny and helps me unwind after a hard day at work

I LOVE this show. I have watched the whole thing two or three times over. I just love all of the characters and the bonds they form. The jokes are very funny as well, balanced out with some seriousness. The janitor is hilarious. The very last season is not worth watching at all's pretty terrible

This cast was amazing. I am currently rewatching from the beginning on Netflix. I am in awe of their comedic geniuses. Every episode has me laughing out loud!!

loved this show, it's too funny

It's a HILARIOUS show. Wish it didn't end.

love this show! funny and clean.

Hilarious. One of those shows you can watch reruns of for years and not get sick of it. Miss JD.

WHY DID IT HAVE TO END!?? awesome show!