ABC Castle

ABC Castle

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Im addicted to this show Just can't get enough of these types of shows this would be perfect for people looking for something like criminal minds if you liked the mentalist and bones then this one's for you

I enjoyed this show. Was sorry to see it end. Looking forward to seeing ?Castle? in his new show

This is one of my favorite shows. It is mystery and a love story all wrapped up into one show. It is fun and gives you just enough to figure out to be intriguing.

Oh my. This is a great show. It will not take long for you to be hooked. It is a clean family show.

i adore this show. the cast has such great chemistry you can feel it, there is never a dull moment. the writers really are doing an amazing job keeping not only the back story going its getting better every episode. your happy when they are happy and sad when they are sad. it always makes you want to watch more. this is the perfect show to binge watch on a weekend.

The only thing that would make this show better is if Joss Whedon wold pop in and direct some episodes.

Castle! I LOVE this show! I really really like the cast they work well together. Nathan Fillion is amazing as always and a great actor. The storylines are great and the show just flows. It has action, comedy, and romance!

Love this show! Each episode is better the last!

Castle is an amazing show! LOVE it!

Awesome Show!!! I really think if you're considering watching this. You mind as well start from the beginning with a tub of ice cream. Then you would understand the character so much better. Becket and Castle...

so cute sometimes gets bogged down with the mother story line

Adore this show!!! Becket and Castle's chemistry is unmatched!! The mysteries are true puzzle solving. It's like a mix of Murder She Wrote and Agatha Christie!! Fun, mystery, characters you want to be friends with. You'll want to buy all 5 seasons!

Love, love this show. Have not missed an episode. If unable to catch when aired I always record for later.

It's a very cute show, and manages this without being a cliché cop show. The characters are warm and funny, the storyline decent. It isn't the best show, but it's very good and I love it.

Castle. One word, yet the best thing ever. It somehow is the best of all worlds. Funny and Dramatic. Wet your pants from laughing or wet your pants from fear. Cry from happiness or cry cause you think someone just died. Characters feel like family, and you don't want to live without them.